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NADER: Going for Big Watch on Big Budgets

What if $10 billion were raised over ten years for civic action to transform Congress and make it do what it should be doing for the people (See: Think Big to Overcome Losing Big to Corporatism 1/7/22)?

In a more recent column, Facilitating Civic and Political Energies for the Common Good 2/2/22, I started a series of columns to outline how $1 billion per year could be spent lobbying Congress for a people’s agenda.… Read more ...

Ballot Access Activists in PA make “How-To-Lobby” video

Thanks to Ballot Access News for the tip.

Here is a link to the above video at Youtube.

The above video was created by Pennsylvania ballot access activists to show people how they can act as constituents and prepare a meeting with their local legislator to discuss the Voter’s Choice Act.… Read more ...