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Party for Socialism and Liberation: Workers and youth march on Los Angeles Sheriffs in Watts area

Workers and youth march on Los Angeles Sheriffs in Watts area

Community demands justice

APRIL 25, 2013

Photo: Ben Huff

This report was originally published on the website of the ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism). It has been slightly edited for style and punctuation.

Over 200 people joined in a spirited march on the Lynwood substation of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department to demand justice for Jose de la Trinidad and an end to police brutality in the local community.

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Root: What the Joe Paterno Scandal Proves About America

What the Joe Paterno Scandal Proves About America

By Wayne Allyn Root, Former Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee
As I write this commentary, Joe Paterno has been fired as Penn State football coach — effective immediately. Thousands of Penn State college students are in the streets, angry, sad, disillusioned, emotionally wrecked, overturning cars, and chanting Joe Paterno’s name.… Read more ...

Nullify Now! Tour Comes to Los Angeles

SPECIAL EVENT: Downtown Los Angeles, 05-28-11

great speakers, local musicians,
grassroots activism for liberty.
ATT Tower Penthouse. 4pm-LATE.

–Event Overview
–Room 1, Speakers
–Room 2, Music, Art, Entertainment
–Dinner and Drinks
–Location, Directions, Pictures
–Tickets (FREE for students)


The “peace president” bombs. The TSA gropes and scans.… Read more ...

Green Party Meetings (Feb 14-21, 2011)

Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch (with amendments from comments):

Tuesday Feb 15, the Logan Square Green Party in Chicago Illinois are meeting at the Green Party office on Fullerton Ave.

The Northeast Ohio Greens will meet tonight at Mac’s Backs Bookstore 1820 Coventry Road in Cleveland Heights – 7pm-9pm.

Wednesday Feb.… Read more ...

Green Party of California analyzes 2010 election results

News Advisory

Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2010
Contact: Laura Wells 510-504-4254 lwlaura@yahoo.com
Derek Iverson 323.481.8984 diversen@cagreens.org
Cres Vellucci 916.996.9170 cvellucci@cagreens.org

GREEN PARTY POSTS KEY MAYORAL, LOCAL WINS; State and Congressional candidates also garner high vote totals, including more than 20% in South State race

SACRAMENTO – The Green Party of California claimed key mayoral and supervisorial victories in local election results, and its state and congressional candidates garnered significant votes totals Tuesday far above party registration, according to party officials.… Read more ...

PSL to host National Conference on Socialism in Los Angeles, present Fighters for Justice and Champions of Freedom Awards


By: Doug Kaufmann


‘Stand up and fight back!’

On Nov. 13 and 14 in Los Angeles, hundreds of people from all over the country and the world will converge on the University of Southern California campus for a National Conference on Socialism.

people clapping at conference
2008 Conference on Socialism

The Party for Socialism and Liberation has worked tirelessly for months to promote the 2010 conference.… Read more ...

Green Change: “8 Young Greens to Watch”

GreenChange.org has put out a piece on “8 Young Greens to Watch”, featuring 8 young Green candidates that Green Change considers deserving of national attention:

Introducing 8 Young Greens to Watch: 8 young candidates who are running hard to bring our values into the halls of power. With your help, 2010 can be a breakthrough year for the Green movement from Maine to California.

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Los Angeles socialist mayoral candidate results

Two candidates from nationally organized socialist parties we cover at IPR competed yesterday in Los Angeles’ mayoral election.

Carlos Alvarez (IPR coverage here) of the Party for Socialism and Liberation garnered 2,483 votes for 1.08% of the vote.

Former Socialist Workers Party presidential nominee and some-time presidential stand-in James Harris (IPR coverage here) took 2,057 votes, 0.89%.… Read more ...

Greens participate in Gaza protests in Detroit, Los Angeles

Posted at Detroit Greens:

The Detroit News has an article and photos.

The Free Press has a photo gallery here.

Channel 7 also covered the demo and includes a quote from Detroit activist and 2006 GPMI US Senate candidate David Sole.

I’m surprised at the amount of coverage given to the very small in comparison pro-Israeli demonstration.

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PSL member running for Mayor of Los Angeles

The Party for Socialism and Liberation is a running a mayoral candidate in Los Angeles this coming year, 22 year old Carlos Alvarez:

Carlos is an anti-war activist and leader of the ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism). He has helped bring tens of thousands of people to the streets to stop the Iraq war and most recently, to fight California’s bigoted, anti-LGBT Prop.

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Socialist Workers Party mayoral candidates kickoff campaigns in NYC, LA

Two Socialist Workers Party members are launching mayoral campaigns in major cities in preparation for looming 2009 municipal elections:

NEW YORK—The Socialist Workers Party here has nominated Dan Fein, a sewing machine operator, as its candidate in the 2009 mayoral race. James Harris, a union meat packer, is the SWP candidate for mayor in Los Angeles.

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