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Political world reacts to news Lou Dobbs may run for President

Some collected articles with various points of view on the recent announcement by former CNN news anchor Lou Dobbs that he may run for President of the United States, separately from the Democratic Party or the Republican Party:

(excerpt from) Politico

…Even independent political operatives less ideologically aligned with Dobbs — Buchanan, like Dobbs, is an immigration hawk — say he represents an enormous opportunity for foes of the two-party system.

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Baldwin condemns bailouts at Conservative Leadership Conference

Press release from the Constitution Party:

Las Vegas, NV – Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin who is scheduled to address this weekend’s upcoming Conservative Leadership Conference in Las Vegas, NV, will comment on the latest government bailouts and the accelerating meltdown of the U.S.

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Chuck Baldwin on Lou Dobbs


Chuck Baldwin appeared tonight on the Lou Dobbs show for a couple of minutes accompanied by Monica Ramos, the wife of imprisoned border patrol agent Ignacio Ramos. Lou Dobbs is hosting a series of shows called the “Independent Convention”, where he accuses the two major parties of colluding the destroy our country via open borders and mass, unrestricted, migration.… Read more ...

Independent Lou Dobbs considering NJ gubernatorial run

Former Republican Lou Dobbs, now registered as an independent and highly critical of the two parties, is reported to be considering a run for New Jersey governor. The story is being covered by CNN.

Dobbs has characterized himself as an “independent populist” lately, but reports say if he runs for governor, it will be as a Republican.… Read more ...