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Posts tagged as “LP Judicial Committee”

Exchange between LNC Chair Mark Hinkle and Judicial Committee Chair Bill Hall on Wagner vs. LNC

Emailed to IPR by a member of the Judicial Committee (not Bill Hall). For background and links to even earlier stories, see here.

From Mark Hinkle:

Dear JC Chairman Bill Hall,

I’ve read the clarification of the LP JC decision regarding Wagner vs.… Read more ...

LNC reportedly voting by email whether to follow Judicial Committee decision on Oregon

Following the national Libertarian Party Judicial Committee decision that the group led by Wes Wagner is the legitimate LP affiliate in Oregon, and that LPHQ is to restore effective recognition to that affiliate through web linking and sharing of membership data for their state, the LNC is now allegedly voting whether or not to follow the Judicial Committee decision, according to George Phillies in IPR comments and one confidential source via phone call.… Read more ...