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NC Libertarians conduct first ever US Senate candidate forum

From LPNC.org

The Libertarian Party of North Carolina held its first ever U.S. Senate candidate forum April 5 during the annual state convention in Durham. Candidates Tim D’Annunzio of Raeford and Sean Haugh of Durham answered questions submitted by Libertarians from across the state. The forum was streamed live and moderated by Barry Smith, Carolina Journal associate editor.… Read more ...

NC Libertarians appoint executive director

Press release from the Libertarian Party of North Carolina

RALEIGH (Aug. 12) – Jason Melehani, 25, of Durham, was appointed executive director of the Libertarian Party of North Carolina. He will be the principle administrative assistant to the state chair, and oversee all the party’s programs and fundraising activities.

“I’m proud to accept this responsibility, because I believe North Carolinians are ready for a new option, one that respects individual liberty and supports personal responsibility on all issue, all the time, and puts people before politics,” said Melehani.… Read more ...

North Carolina Bill to Abolish State Income Tax Check-off for Political Parties Moves Ahead

From Ballot Access News, June 15th: 

On June 12, North Carolina HB 951 passed the House Finance Committee. It repeals the state income tax form check-off that asks taxpayers if they wish to send a small donation to their favorite political party. In recent years a surprisingly large number of taxpayers have chosen to send a donation to the Libertarian Party, so much so that last year, the party got $96,664.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of North Carolina State Convention to be held June 7th-9th

Millions are waking up to finding their freedoms and liberties being encroached upon and smothered by the monstrous growth of government. Many no longer feel that their government is “theirs” but has instead become an insatiable monster that looks for every opportunity to grow bigger and more powerful—with the justification, of course, that it’s all for the benefit of “We the people”.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of North Carolina: The Impossibility Trap is Coming!

How proud are YOU to be one of the 20,000+ registered Libertarians in North Carolina? Support the Libertarian Party of North Carolina today!
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Libertarian Party of North Carolina
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Article Says Libertarian Party Wants To Appeal to Teapartiers

According to this article, one of the raging topics at the Libertarian Party National Convention in St. Louis, Missouri, is how best to reach out to, and benefit from, tea party membership.

Whether and how to woo Tea Party followers to their party is one of the big issues at the Libertarian Party national convention this weekend in downtown St.

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Various Events At Libertarian Party National Convention, Bylaws Voting By Mail

Thomas Knapp reports from the Radical Caucus Lunch, an informal meeting of that caucus, that there were over 50 delegates present.

He was also present at the founding of the Non-Intervention Caucus, which I am told was “well attended” by delegates, I’ll try to find numbers for attendance. It’s purpose is to oppose the platform committee recommendation on plank 3.3, concerning war, and to defend the existing language of that platform plank.… Read more ...

LP National Convention: Credentials Committee, Treasurer’s Report, and Electronic Voting

Thomas Knapp reports from the convention that the credentials committee’s report has passed. There are a total of 458 delegates and 3 alternates. The report was adopted without objection. This means that a quorum for any voting is 185 delegates present. A simple majority vote requires 231 delegates, a  two-thirds vote requires 308 delegates.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of North Carolina News — Lawsuit update, save the convention date, and announcing new Political Director

via email:

From the desk of Barbara Howe

Important lawsuit update!

On Monday, November 23, our attorneys filed documents asking the NC Supreme Court to hear our lawsuit against NC’s onerous ballot access laws. Happily, several friendly organizations are planning to file amicus briefs in support of our actions. These fine groups have told our attorney they will assist:

Common Cause
Democracy NC
Free & Equal
John Locke Foundation
League of Women Voters of NC
NC Institution for Constitutional Law
North Carolinians for Free and Proper Elections
NC Center for Voter Education
Southern Coalition for Social Justice

For now, we are in another waiting game.… Read more ...