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Dr. Tom Stevens reports on New York Governors and other statewide races

Posted by Dr. Tom Stevens at Liberty Lion:

LPNY Gubernatorial Nomination Controversy: Supreme Court Of The State Of New York Intervenes (excerpt):

Kristin Davis, Sam Sloan and Warren Redlich were the three announced candidates for the gubernatorial nomination of the Libertarian Party of New York in 2010. Warren Redlich, a Republican attorney, was considered the odds-on-favorite to win the nomination and was endorsed by former Libertarian Party State Chairs Eric Sundwall & Rich Cooper, current LPNY State Chair Chris Edes, and future LPNY State Chair Mark Axinn.

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Paulie asks Warren Redlich, Kristin Davis to debate before LPNY convention; asks Davis for interview or Q & A with IPR readers

Slightly edited version of email sent several days ago to the Davis and Redlich campaigns (so far no response):

LNC alternate Scott Lieberman, Kristin Davis and supporters to meet in New York

Would anyone who was there let us know more about what was asked and what was answered? Any video, audio, transcripts or reports of the meeting available?… Read more ...

LPNY passes resolution opposing national convention floor fees; controversy over possible resulting loss of ballot access support

According to a comment by Chuck Moulton, quoting a blog post by Tom Stevens:

The threat allegedly made at a LPNY meeting is interesting… read it for yourself, but it looks like the gist is: if your state opposes the floor fee, it won’t get ballot access money.


From the blog entry:

M Carling, who serves as LPNY Secretary and in a number of appointed positions on the national level, warned that although he will ask for national’s financial help with upcoming statewide petition drives both this year and in 2012, he fears his requests will fall on “deaf ears” if the LPNY expresses its opposition to the mandatory convention registration fee.

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