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Ohio LP: Kasich defends Medicaid expansion; the LPO begs to differ

Libertarian Party of Ohio

Press release

June 3, 2013

COLUMBUS—Ohio Governor John Kasich has published an op-ed in USA Today titled “Reagan’s compassionate Medicaid expansion.” In it, Kasich attempts to sell fiscal conservatives on a health care scheme that would saddle Ohio taxpayers with a looming fiscal disaster and threaten the quality of health care for everyone.… Read more ...

Updates from the Libertarian Party of Ohio

From a May 31st email from the Libertarian Party of Ohio (LPO): 

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Summer events with Ohio Libertarians


Fun and freedom: This month, three LPO members spoke to senior political science students at Thomas Worthington High School. LPO Communications Director Aaron Keith Harris, Franklin County LP Communications Director Danielle Stout, and LPO member Courtney Hodges explained what our party believes and fielded dozens of questions from almost 100 students, most of whom were attracted to the message of liberty.

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LP Oregon: Nominating Convention Selects Candidates for November Ballot

The below press release from the Reeves faction of the Libertarian Party of Oregon (LPO) was sent after their recent nominating convention conducted according to bylaws adopted by delegates at convention.

The Wagner faction is conducting its own nominating procedure by mail ballot in accordance with bylaws they submitted to the Oregon Secretary of State, however those bylaws were never approved by the membership. … Read more ...

LP Oregon: Reeves Group Wins Latest Court Battle

The below press release from the Reeves faction of the Libertarian Party of Oregon (LPO) was issued in the aftermath of their June 14 victory in court against the Wagner faction.  Both view themselves as the legitimate leadership of the LPO.

The Reeves faction is now seeking an expedited hearing so they can formally direct the Oregon Secretary of State to place Gary Johnson’s name on the ballot as the Libertarian Party’s nominee for President, a step which could have been legally performed as early as June 1, but which the Wagner faction has thus far not done and has not provided public assurance that they shall do.… Read more ...

Mark Hinkle Emails the LNC re: the Jud Com Ruling About Oregon

This correspondence was sent out yesterday regarding the recent developments in the LP Oregon. For background, read here, here, and here. There are actually a few more articles about it on this site, if the reader chooses to search “lp Oregon”.

From: Mark Hinkle
Date: September 5, 2011 1:15:20 AM EDT
To: lnc-discuss@hq.lp.org… Read more ...