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LPPA Issues Formal Condemnation of Thomas Robert Stevens JD

This was found on the Facebook page for Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania – LPPA
Some history of Dr. Tom Stevens and the LPPA can be found here and here .

The current chairman of the LPPA, Steve Scheetz, had this to say as he posted the attachment to Facebook:

It is my belief, with this statement, that the LPPA can move forward, allowing Tom Stevens to do and say whatever he wishes, as a non-associate of the LPPA.… Read more ...

Steve Scheetz, Chairman of LPPA, Issues Letter Banning Dr. Tom Stevens from Commenting on Any LPPA Email List

Found on Facebook

Good Morning,

First and foremost. Tom Stevens, having resigned his membership, is no longer a member of the LPPA and should no longer be allowed the privilege to post on any LPPA e-mail list.

Second. Tom Stevens stated that he “appointed” the new chairman, Aaron Rosengarten.… Read more ...

Dr. Tom Stevens Resigns LPPA

Found on Facebook July 19, 2013

Mr. Glinski,

Effective July 20, 2013, I resign as a member of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania.

I worked very hard to get Gary Johnson and our statewide candidates on the ballot in 2012, to obtain Minor Party status for the LPPA, to build membership, to charter chapters and as State Chair, I spent countless hours advancing the cause of liberty in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.… Read more ...

Chair and Ex-Chair of LPPA Discuss Moderating Facebook Pages

Found on the Pennsylvania You Are Libertarian Live Free Facebook page, this comment is by the immediate past chairman of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania, Dr.Tom Stevens:

Restore Moderation To LPPA Discussion Lists:

When I took office, I started enforcing the Communications Policy and began moderating posts so LPPA members and new people would not be chased away by those who could not restrain themselves, such as Dave Moser calling a fellow County Chair a “dick-hugging bitch”.

Read more ...