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Carl Loser (L-VA) holds out “bag of weed” at candidate forum while arguing against prohibition

Via the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Loser provided some of the most memorable moments in the forum by holding aloft what he called “a bag of weed” to demonstrate what he termed the damage of government drug laws to families that run afoul of them. He also caused a stir in the studio audience by suggesting that public school teachers are overpaid, a sentiment that Sturtevant, who is married to a teacher, countered to applause.

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Libertarian Party of Virginia Gets Candidates on the Ballot in Six Legislative Districts

For Immediate Release

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Libertarian Party of Virginia Candidates Succeed in Getting on Ballot in 6 Districts

(Arlington, June 20, 2013) — After an energetic statewide effort, six Libertarian Party of Virginia Candidates have succeeded in making acquiring enough petition signatures to be on the ballot in their districts.  … Read more ...

LP National Promotes Virginia House of Delegates Candidate Lindsey Bolton

The LP National website, LP.org, currently has a small banner on the front page promoting Lindsey Bolton, Libertarian Party candidate for Virginia House of Delegates from the 48th district:

Recently, Bolton’s Facebook page surpassed 2,000 “likes.” Austin Petersen, former paid employee at LPHQ, current Director of Production at FreedomWorks and a former Associate Producer for Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Fox News show “Freedom Watch”, recently promoted Bolton on his own Facebook page:

Another strong, independent lady of liberty is running for office in Virginia!

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Robert Sarvis, Libertarian Candidate for Governor of Virginia, Submits 18,000 Signatures

From Ballot Access News, June 12th:

Virginia holds elections this November for state office, including Governor. The petition deadline for independent candidates, and the nominees of unqualified parties, is June 11. On the deadline, Rob Sarvis, Libertarian nominee, submitted almost 18,000 signatures to meet a requirement of 10,000 valid signatures.… Read more ...

Letter to the Editor In Virginia Newspaper: Don’t like candidates? Try a libertarian

Published on Fredrickburg.com:

Date published: 6/12/2013


Don’t like candidates? Try a libertarian

The Democrats and Republicans have nominated gubernatorial candidates who are deplorable.

Democrat Terry McAuliffe reeks of cronyism, and he sent jobs to Mississippi. Republican Ken Cuccinelli is no better, having forgotten to disclose thousands of dollars in “financial gifts” from the CEO of Star Scientific.

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Virginia Libertarian Candidates Make Progress With Ballot Access

In the past few days, Libertarian Party of Virginia’s (LPVA) candidates for public office have received confirmation that they will be on the November ballot.

Lindsey Bolton, candidate for House of Delegates, district 48, posted June 8th:

Great news everybody- the Board of Elections just called. We have all of our valid signatures in.

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Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia Hosts Candidates Forum May 18th

On May 18th, the Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia (LPNOVA) hosted a candidates forum. The following Libertarian candidates in the November 2013 elections attended and spoke:

Robert C. Sarvis (Governor)

Patrick Hagerty (House of Delegates, district 33)

Laura Delhomme (House of Delegates, district 47)

Lindsey Bolton (House of Delegates, district 48)

Anthony Tellez (House of Delegates, district 53)


To view a photo gallery from the event, go to the following: 

https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.580572538642173.1073741828.125066727526092&type=1Read more ...

LNCC: Virginia Libertarian influencing a major political race

An email sent May 28th: 

Dear Paul Frankel:

The Virginia Governor’s race is “Ground Zero” for U.S. politics in 2013. It’s without a doubt one of the biggest elections of the year, and all eyes will be watching. A strong Libertarian message in this race will spread far beyond Virginia’s borders.… Read more ...