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Ian Epstein of Libertarian Party of Oregon PAC Asks for Clarification of August’s Judicial Committee Ruling

It appears that the PAC called the Libertarian Party of Oregon still wants to become the Libertarian Party of Oregon political party affiliate as opposed to being a PAC.

The following letter has been sent to M Carling:

memorandumJudComm Clarification Request (1)

Carling promises a response, and we will update the article when we receive that response.… Read more ...

M Carling Sends New Letter to LNC Re: Who He Thinks the Correct Officers of the Libertarian Party of Oregon Are

here we go again

This letter was sent to the members of the Libertarian National Committee today by M Carling, the current chairman of the Judicial Committee of the Libertarian Party.

M Carling
Libertarian Party Judicial Committee

Oct 15, 2015

To whom it may concern:

The dispute between factions of the Libertarian Party of Oregon has never been a question of which  organization is the affiliate of the Libertarian National Committee.… Read more ...

LP Judicial Committee Meets Tomorrow to Reconsider Prior JC Decision re Oregon Affiliate; Carling Will Not Recuse Himself

LP Oregon

The Libertarian Party’s Judicial Committee meets tomorrow in a virtual meeting to discuss whether they will overturn the prior Judicial Committee’s decision from 2011 regarding the ongoing, complicated matter of who the legitimate affiliate for the Oregon LP is.

IPR has written at length about the dispute, and the reader can learn about the 2011 events from this article.Read more ...

OR: LPO Convention Elects New Chair, Replacing Reeves

From a release by the LPOregon (not the group recognized by the Secretary of State or LPHQ):

Despite all of the internal issues with which the LPO has had to contend in recent years, members gathered at Pendleton’s Red Lion hotel on March 21st for the LPO’s 2015 Annual Business Convention.… Read more ...

Michael Jingozian: Resolving the LP Oregon Fiasco

Sent to IPR for publication. For history regarding this situation, the reader can enter “Oregon LP” in the search box and read chronologically, starting in February 2011.

Dear Fellow Patriots,

I am reaching out to you in the spirit of fellowship and goodwill in the hope that all of us can arrive at a fair and just resolution to the very serious rift that currently threatens our beloved Libertarian Party of Oregon.… Read more ...

Wes Wagner: Here’s What Happened…

Here is an explanation from Wes Wagner on the events in his state of Oregon. It was written June 3, 2011.

Essentially what happened is summarized as thus:

During our 2010 convention, the party having been tired of our numerous structural issues adopted a plan for reformation of the party with a 2/3rds+ majority — established a committee to draft new governing documents and schedule a special convention in November (after election day so everyone would be done with their important work)

Everything was going smoothly until Richard Burke, a paid employee of Americans For Prosperity and former executive director who was forced out of office due to financial scandal did not like that the new party would be controlled by all 13,000 libertarians in the state of oregon and not a handful of corrupt apparatchiks.… Read more ...

LPNY passes resolution opposing national convention floor fees; controversy over possible resulting loss of ballot access support

According to a comment by Chuck Moulton, quoting a blog post by Tom Stevens:

The threat allegedly made at a LPNY meeting is interesting… read it for yourself, but it looks like the gist is: if your state opposes the floor fee, it won’t get ballot access money.


From the blog entry:

M Carling, who serves as LPNY Secretary and in a number of appointed positions on the national level, warned that although he will ask for national’s financial help with upcoming statewide petition drives both this year and in 2012, he fears his requests will fall on “deaf ears” if the LPNY expresses its opposition to the mandatory convention registration fee.

Read more ...

Haugh, Wrights, Hawkridge continue to cover Libertarian Party sexual harassment claims at Liberty For All

Following up on Sean Haugh’s article, Sexual Harassment at National? (discussed at IPR: Libertarian Party employee Sean Haugh: ‘Open season on women’ as long as Bill Redpath is LP national chair; Libertarian Party Transparency Caucus debate), Liberty For All has been publishing a number of followup articles.

In Sexual harassment at National: What to do about it, Haugh writes:

… the one question I really wanted asked has not been addressed at all.

Read more ...

Libertarian Party employee Sean Haugh: ‘Open season on women’ as long as Bill Redpath is LP national chair

In remarks published in Liberty for All, LP Political Director Sean Haugh details allegations of sexual harassment against former LNC member M Carling, and says that they led to the current sexual harassment policy in the LNC manual, which he quotes in his article. Haugh goes on to say,

The Resolution of Discipline against Angela Keaton by Stewart Flood presented at the LNC Meeting in San Diego, December 6-7, 2008, included several allegations of sexual harassment.

Read more ...

Angela Keaton, Day 2: LNC gang continues efforts to cloak operations in secrecy

Once again, IPR will be publishing e-mails from embattled LNC rep Angela Keaton, unedited, as they come in:

Day 2/LNC meeting/live blog, 8:24 a.m.

Same disclaimer applies as yesterday. If you want a goddamn transcription, make it yourself.

These are my words and mine alone. –Keaton

8:10am Agenda

Carling on Audit
Boring monotone.… Read more ...