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Jill Stein: Why a big win in Madison is a big win for us all

Jill Stein was the 2012 Green Party presidential nominee. The following is from Green Party Watch.

When Cheri and I ran for office last year, one of our main goals was to build the Green Party and to inspire new leaders to run for office as Greens. Great news! We are succeeding.… Read more ...

Chris Rickert: A good time to consider third-party alternatives

From Madison.com:

Ben Manski, the Green Party candidate who lost his bid for a West Side Madison Assembly seat to Democrat Brett Hulsey last year, has great ideas for opening up the political system and correctly identifies the existing redistricting process as “an incumbency protection racket.”

But on the collective bargaining issue, Democrats are on his side, and the current conflict should not be about “building any party at the expense of progress,” he said.

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Greens Win Six Non-Partisan Elections in Wisconsin and Illinois

From Ballot Access News:

Both Wisconsin and Illinois held local non-partisan elections on April 5. Green Party members won six elections:

1. Steve Alesch was elected to the Warrenville Park District Commission in DuPage County, Illinois, in a contested election.
2. Toni Williams was elected to the Thornton Township High School District 205 board, Cook County, Illinois, in a contested election.

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Peace and Freedom Party: Statement on Popular Uprisings

Photo of banner on Libyan building

Source: Al Jazeera

The Peace and Freedom Party looks forward to the success of popular uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East, and in Madison, Wisconsin. We urge participation in actions in solidarity with workers in Wisconsin and elsewhere.

People of North Africa and the Middle East can and must create their own democratic institutions.… Read more ...

Ralph Nader: ‘Mad as Hell’ in Madison

Ralph Nader at Nader.org:

The large demonstrations at the state Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin are driven by a middle class awakening to the spectre of its destruction by the corporate reactionaries and their toady Governor Scott Walker.

For years the middle class has watched the plutocrats stomp on the poor while listening to the two parties regale the great middle class, but never mentioning the tens of millions of poor Americans.… Read more ...

Socialist Party USA: ‘Democracy in the Streets: Madison Mobilizes to Defeat the Anti-Labor Walker’

by Omar Mohamad, Socialist Party of South Central Wisconsin and Billy Wharton, co-chair Socialist Party USA:

The mass protests led by public employees unions in Madison, Wisconsin have been presented by some mainstream commentators as a labor’s last stand. They are not. They are a spark, a spark with the potential to create a new protest movement capable of revitalizing our unions, radicalizing student organizing and creating a space for democratic socialist politics.… Read more ...

Wisconsin Green Ben Manski on CNBC advocates taxing the rich, keeping tuition low, among other things

Below, starting at about 6:30, is a video of Green activist and 2010 candidate for State Assembly in Madison Ben Manski debating a Republican State Assemblyman about the budget and union issues in Wisconsin. It aired on CNBC today. H/T to Green Party Watch, who said,

CNBC has a talking head segment featuring Green Ben Manski in Madison Wisconsin against State Assembly Rep Scott Suder.

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Green, Libertarian, Constitution Party legislative candidates beat records going back decades

Compiled from Ballot Access News:

Indiana Libertarian 2010 Legislative Candidate Set Record Going Back at Least 85 Years

On November 2, 2010, Rex Bell, Libertarian nominee for Indiana State House, district 54, polled 20.78% of the vote in a race with both a Democrat and a Republican. That is the first time in at least 85 years that a minor party candidate for the Indiana legislature has polled over 20% of the vote in a race with both major parties.… Read more ...

Outgoing Democrat un-endorses Green Manski’s opponent

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

From Wisconsin Green Party candidate for 77th District State Representative Ben Manski:

I need your help right now. As reported last night, my prospects for election to the Wisconsin State Assembly took a turn for the better when outgoing Representative Spencer Black rescinded his endorsement of my opponent.Read more ...

Free Speech Radio focuses on Ben Manski, Green running for state assembly in WI

You can listen to the full piece here.

With its long progressive tradition, Madison, Wisconsin has been described as “78 square miles surrounded by reality.”  This year’s elections in Madison might reinforce that reputation.  In a year when Republicans appear to have momentum in the national political scene, the race for the Wisconsin State Assembly seat representing Madison’s west side is coming down to a contest between a Democrat and a Green Party candidate. 

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Madison Capital Times: ‘Renew progressive tradition: Elect Ben Manski’

Originally posted on Green Party Watch:

The Madison Capital Times has endorsed Wisconsin Green Party candidate for 77th District State Representative Ben Manski in an article entitled “Renew progressive tradition: Elect Ben Manski”:

Ben Manski first made a name for himself campaigning for economic and social justice causes as a student at West High School.

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Socialists Hold Organizing Conference

Socialist Webzine:

The Socialist Party USA had an excellent National Organizing Conference (NOC) this year in Madison, Wisconsin. The three-day event featured music, speakers and workshops that offered practical skills to enhance our activism. A little more than 50 people turned up for the event from all over the country.… Read more ...