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Green Party Nominee in Wisconsin Legislative Race Endorsed by Teachers Union

Ballot Access News:

Ben Manski, Green Party nominee for Wisconsin’s Assembly, 77th district, was recently endorsed by Madison Teachers, Inc., the union for public school teachers in Madison. The 77th district is in Madison. See this story.

Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch:

Ben Manski, a public interest attorney, pro-Democracy advocate and Executive Directory of Liberty Tree, is running for Wisconsin State Assembly District 77, the progressive west side of Madison.… Read more ...

Campaigns enter their final twenty four hours

Various local elections and a special congressional election are all being held tomorrow, April 7.  There are a few Green Party candidates and one member of the Greens/Green Party USA running for office.  Low turnout is expected in each election, and the results should be interesting.

Matt Reichel

In Illinois’ fifth congressional district, a special election is being held to fill the vacancy left by Rahm Emanuel when he went to work at the White House. … Read more ...

Green incumbent Konkel debates challenger before election

In Madison, Wisconsin, local elections are coming up on April 7.  While they are non-partisan, Brenda Konkel is an active member of the Green Party and has held her seat on the City Council since 2001.

Earlier today Konkel faced off with her opponent, Bridget Maniaci.  Konkel stressed her experience and use of blogging to promote transparency and engagement, while Maniaci rhetorted with an assurance that she would be very responsive to all different types of constituents. … Read more ...