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Maine Greens re-elect secretary, name Rensenbrink to national committee

MaineGreensThe Maine Green Independent Party “has re-elected Sam Chandler, who ran for the Maine House in Portland’s District 36 in 2014, as its secretary,” The Bangor Daily News reports. Chandler “co-chairs Patricia Jackson and Gil Harris, as well as treasurer Mako Bates on the party’s executive committee.”

In addition, the Greens named John Rensenbrink, “who was instrumental in founding the party, to a one-year term on the national Green Party committee and the Green Party International Committee.… Read more ...

Green candidate submits signatures for Portland, Maine mayoral race

MacMillanMaine Green Independent Party candidate Tom MacMillan has submitted ballot access signatures for his run for mayor of Portland, Maine. The Portland Press-Herald says “he is running, in part, based on his role to place a question on the November ballot asking residents to raise the local minimum wage to $15 per hour.”… Read more ...

Portland, Maine Green Party City Council members retiring

MaineGreens The Portland Press-Herald reports that the two Green Party members of the Portland, Maine City Council, Kevin Donoghue and David Marshall, will not seek re-election this year. Both were elected in 2006 for a three-year term and have been re-elected twice since then. Council elections are nonpartisan; all the other seats are held by registered Democrats.… Read more ...

What the Maine Green Independent Party Brings to Maine’s Future


(The following was originally published on the Green Party website and was a keynote address to the annual meeting of the Maine Green Independent Party.)

Portland, Maine 
by John Rensenbrink

It is said quite often now that our future is in doubt. Meaning the future of us–us human beings on this planet.… Read more ...

Green Parties in Two States Qualify Local Ballot Initiatives

From Ballot Access News, June 14th:

This month, Green Parties in Portland, Maine, and Arlington County, Virginia, successfully qualified local initiatives for the ballot. See this story about the Virginia initiative petition that asks voters if they wish to establish a local housing authority, and this story about the Maine initiative petition for marijuana reform.… Read more ...

Maine Green Independent Party co-sponsors Bring Our War $$ Home campaign

Emailed to IPR:

Bruce Gagnon (207) 443-9502
Lisa Savage (207) 399-7623
Mark Roman (207) 643-2356

Augusta, March 9 – Governor LePage and legislative leaders were invited to meet with representatives of Maine’s Bring Our War $$ Home campaign via letters sent by certified mail in February. As no responses have been received, a second copy of the letter will go out this week.… Read more ...

Maine Greens Applaud Passage of Instant Runoff Voting in Portland

By way of Green Party Watch:


Maine Green Independent Party Candidates who ran for the office of state house and state senate ran strong campaigns, often finishing a close second in the race Tuesday night. Fred Horch, of Brunswick, ran a close second with 34% of the vote in District 66.… Read more ...

Lynne Williams thanks her supporters

The 2010 Green candidate for governor, who then dropped out to run for State Senate, sent the following email to the supporters of her Senate race (Williams received about 12 percent of the vote, which was actually less than the margin between the Democrat and the Republican):

While I am disappointed in the results of the race in State Senate District 28, I do not regret having run.… Read more ...

Maine Greens Play the Game Without a Player

From the Kennebec Journal:

It may be the first election in 16 years without a Green candidate for governor on the ballot, but that doesn’t mean the Maine Green Independent Party won’t have an impact on the race.

Green leadership has met with one candidate – indepedent Eliot Cutler of Cape Elizabeth – and have invited the other four contenders in for sit-downs.

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Dems, GOP, and Independent Lose Registrants Since 2008, Third Parties Make Gains

Professor Michael P. McDonald is one of the recognized experts on registration numbers by political party in the United States. He is a professor at George Mason University and has an article on that very subject here.

Richard Winger summarizes McDonald’s numbers nicely for third party aficionados.

McDonald has also calculated that since November 2008, the number of registered Republicans has declined 3.5%, the number of registered Democrats has declined 2.7%, the number of registered independents has declined 1.6%, and the number of voters registered in minor parties has increased 2.4%.

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