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Posts tagged as “mal-apportionment”

Green Party Black Caucus Protests Odious Redemptionist-era rulings being invoked by the Obama Justice Department

As posted by Ian Wilder at

The BLACK CAUCUS OF THE GREEN PARTY OF THE UNITED STATES (GPBC) in a letter of protest to Attorney General, Eric Holder registered their strong objection that in this case of controversy an Assistant United States Attorney in the Department of Justice in argument before the Appellate Court has invoked odious Redemptionist-era rulings of the Supreme Court that reestablished white supremacy and overturned Reconstruction.

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Oral argument scheduled for: Green’s Democratizing the Electoral College Civil Action

The full text below was sent out as an e-mail alert/press release by Asa Gordon:

By order of the United States Court of Appeals : Gordon (Plaintiff/Appellant) v Biden (Defendant/Appellee)  is now SCHEDULED FOR ORAL ARGUMENT ON JANUARY 14th, 2010 before the UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA CIRCUIT

FINAL BRIEF”S filed in Gordon v Biden (Green’s Democratizing the Electoral College Civil Action) .

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