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Marc Guttman: The Morality And The Benefits Of A System Of Free Travel And Trade

marc guttman

From the archives of Dr. Marc Guttman. This was originally published in The Day , April 20, 2008. It seems appropriate to post it now due to the current crisis at our borders.

The free, voluntary exchange of value for value is mutually beneficial, whether trading goods or labor, yet we often hear it argued that particular restrictions will protect American industries and workers.… Read more ...

Marc Guttman: Would things be any different if McCain or Romney won?

Dr_Marc_Guttman (1)

This commentary was originally posted to Norwich Bulletin
December 23, 2013

Anthony Gregory’s provocative commentary, “Pretend It Was President McCain,” asks defenders of President Barack Obama to attribute the current administration’s policies — and scandals — to a President John McCain if he were elected in 2008 and 2012.… Read more ...