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Marc Guttman: The Morality And The Benefits Of A System Of Free Travel And Trade

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From the archives of Dr. Marc Guttman. This was originally published in The Day , April 20, 2008. It seems appropriate to post it now due to the current crisis at our borders.

The free, voluntary exchange of value for value is mutually beneficial, whether trading goods or labor, yet we often hear it argued that particular restrictions will protect American industries and workers.… Read more ...

Marc Guttman: Would things be any different if McCain or Romney won?

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This commentary was originally posted to Norwich Bulletin
December 23, 2013

Anthony Gregory’s provocative commentary, “Pretend It Was President McCain,” asks defenders of President Barack Obama to attribute the current administration’s policies — and scandals — to a President John McCain if he were elected in 2008 and 2012.

I have no interest in actual politics, campaigns or trending political stories.… Read more ...

Marc Guttman: All That is Necessary for Evil to Triumph

All That Is Necessary for Evil to Triumph
The foreword to Why Peace

by Marc Guttman, January 23, 2012

The air was filled with dust and the building footprints were still smoking hot. The scene was framed by twisted beams and burnt and beaten buildings. Scattered atop the hills of metal and debris, rescue workers worked diligently to find survivors.… Read more ...

Reviews and Discussion of “Why Peace” by Marc Guttman

In the spirit of Memorial Day, this writer would like to share with you a book written/edited by a  physician, Marc Guttman. It is a thick book with essays from many people, all discussing war and the reasons to seek a world at peace. Some of the contributors included are Libertarian heroes such as Harry Browne and Steve Kubby.… Read more ...

Marc Guttman: Interventionist Policies Impoverish Us

Published in theday 11-07-2010

I received an informative e-mail regarding significant tax increases alleged to begin in 2011. To be honest, I’ve made no effort to check the veracity of its claims, but one response to the message was “That’s okay. I don’t mind contributing to the greater good … except the wars.”… Read more ...

Marc Guttman: It’s Too Difficult to Be A Dirtbag Anymore, Unfortunately

Posted today in theday

I love to backpack, surf, hike, and climb. When I’m not able to engage in these pursuits, I sometimes find myself watching video of others adventuring in beautiful, remote locales. It helps me to hold on to some of those joyous and motivating travel feelings. I enjoy footage from decades past, when things were wilder, yet in many ways travel was easier.… Read more ...

Marc Guttman: Finally Leaving Some Immigrants Alone

Here is a piece published in The Day,  August 24, 2012

Politicians and the mainstream media haven’t seemed to discuss immigration policy much since the 2008 campaigns for federal offices, when they made it a prominent and seemingly critical issue. Recently, however, President Obama issued an executive order outlining a new deportation policy less aggressive towards some young, undocumented immigrants that meet his criteria.… Read more ...

Marc Guttman: Voting Against Social Harmony, Individuals, and Prosperity

From an article distributed by Connecticut Libertarian Party activist Marc Guttman:

It’s often said that if someone doesn’t like something the government is doing, he or she should convince enough people to change it.  Is this our idea for community, granting government the power to push through special interest will and expect that if innocent individuals want not be obstructed or burdened, they need toil and spend their resources to try to persuade others and gain power within the government to stop the intrusions on their human rights? … Read more ...