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Virgil Goode Campaigns in AZ, NM, and VA, Meets With Sheriff Arpaio

The Virgil Goode for President campaign roamed all over the country on Labor Day weekend. According to this article, Goode was campaigning in Arizona and New Mexico this weekend. In Arizona, he met with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a nationally-recognized figure in the debate on illegal immigration.

‘Sheriff Joe’, as his fans call him, is the high-profile Arizona Sheriff who’s made a name for himself by taking a tough stand against corruption, government waste, illegal immigrants, and a host of other problems that many Americans are fed up with.

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Independent Collects Almost 30,000 Signatures to Face Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is perhaps the most controversial Sheriff in America right now. He has been accused of corruption and has become a folk hero or villain amongst various groups for his “tough on illegals” approach to illegal immigration.

In 2012, Joe Arpaio is the Republican nominee for Sheriff in Maricopa County, Arizona, again.… Read more ...

Libertarian ‘cranks’ to host county convention at bar

Arizona’s Phoenix New Times previews next Saturday’s Maricopa County Libertarian Party Convention thusly:

“Democrats drink pinot. Republicans drink whiskey. Libertarians drink at bars. Even better, the grumblety-peg curmudgeons host their political conventions at watering holes –- or at least our local cranks will at the Maricopa County Libertarian Party Convention today at Ticoz Resto-Bar.… Read more ...