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Dario Hunter and Mark Charles announce Running Mate Changes

In the remaining months of the campaign, progressive Independent candidates Dario Hunter and Mark Charles announce alterations to their presidential tickets.

Green Party turned Independent candidate Dario Hunter, who will be on the ballot in Colorado under the banner of the Progressive Party, has announced Penobscot Nation activist Dawn Neptune Adams will replace Darlene Elias as his running mate.… Read more ...

Mark Charles chooses Sedinam Moyowasifza-Curry as running mate

In a livestreamed Washington Convention to gain ballot access Independent Presidential Candidate Mark Charles has formally nominated former Green Party Candidate Sedinam Moyowasifza-Curry to be his running mate.

Moyowasifza-Curry’s decision comes after many candidates, including now Independent Dario Hunter, have voiced criticisms over the Green Party’s Presidential Primary

The event is linked down below and Charles Campaign website can be found here

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