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Wes Wagner Plans to Run for Libertarian National Committee Chair

Oregon Libertarian Party chair Wes Wagner has announced in IPR comments that he intends on running for chair of the Libertarian National Committee (from IPR comments):

Well I finally did it. I figured it was time to pay my dues considering that I intend to go to Vegas and run against Mr.

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LP Release: 2012 Libertarian Nominating Convention May 2-6

From a media release from the Libertarian Party:

For Immediate Release
Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Dear Fellow Libertarians,

Mark your calendar!

The 2012 National Libertarian Party convention will be held on May 2-6 in Las Vegas, Nevada, featuring:

  • Nomination of our 2012 Libertarian Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates as well as our party officers.
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Johnson to Announce Switch to Libertarian Party on December 28th

Former two-term Governor and GOP Presidential candidate Gary Johnson is set to announce his plans to continue his run for President as a Libertarian on December 28th. Politico first reported the news, which coincides with information Independent Political Report had obtained but not published.

Calling news of the switch “the worst kept secret,” Libertarian Party Chairman Mark Hinkle said the Santa Fe event will include a press conference at which Johnson will switch his voter registration to Libertarian.

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Updated Correspondence Regarding the LNC/Oregon LP Saga

Here is more correspondence from the debacle which has been going on in Oregon. The following three articles were found in November 2011 edition of    Liberty for America November 2011 .

A history of the situation can be tracked by putting Oregon LP in the search box. then start treading from January 2011.… Read more ...

Michael Jingozian: Resolving the LP Oregon Fiasco

Sent to IPR for publication. For history regarding this situation, the reader can enter “Oregon LP” in the search box and read chronologically, starting in February 2011.

Dear Fellow Patriots,

I am reaching out to you in the spirit of fellowship and goodwill in the hope that all of us can arrive at a fair and just resolution to the very serious rift that currently threatens our beloved Libertarian Party of Oregon.… Read more ...

LP blog: Government Makes Us Poor by John Stossel

John Stossel at creators.com via Mark Hinkle at LP.org blog:

Here’s my fantasy: Libertarians are elected to the presidency and to majorities in Congress. What would happen next? Well, if libertarians were “in charge,” you’d have more freedom and prosperity.

Freedom frightens some people. They say if no one is in charge there would be chaos.… Read more ...

Exchange between LNC Chair Mark Hinkle and Judicial Committee Chair Bill Hall on Wagner vs. LNC

Emailed to IPR by a member of the Judicial Committee (not Bill Hall). For background and links to even earlier stories, see here.

From Mark Hinkle:

Dear JC Chairman Bill Hall,

I’ve read the clarification of the LP JC decision regarding Wagner vs. the LNC.

I have a question for the entire JC regarding this statement:

“Until such time as that occurs, the LNC must continue to treat the
Wagner group of LPO officers similar to other LP state-level affiliate
officers (for example, by providing monthly data dumps, and
recognition on the lp.org… Read more ...

Mark Hinkle Emails the LNC re: the Jud Com Ruling About Oregon

This correspondence was sent out yesterday regarding the recent developments in the LP Oregon. For background, read here, here, and here. There are actually a few more articles about it on this site, if the reader chooses to search “lp Oregon”.

From: Mark Hinkle
Date: September 5, 2011 1:15:20 AM EDT
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Libertarians Predicted Tea Party Betrayal in January

August 2, 2011

Press release from the Libertarian party

WASHINGTON – On January 17, 2011, the Libertarian Party (LP) asked the 90,000 readers of its weekly email message to take a poll asking, “When will we know that Republicans successfully fooled the Tea Partiers?”

59% of respondents chose the option, “When they raise the debt limit without real spending cuts.”… Read more ...

Legal Brief Filed by LNC Member for the Judicial Committee regarding the Oregon Ex Com Power Struggle

Independent Political Report has been sent a copy of a brief filed by an LNC member with the Judicial Committee regarding the power struggle in Oregon. Brad Ploeger, who is an alternate regional representative for Region 1, has filed a long brief with the Judicial Committee.

The past few months have seen the Ex Com from Oregon replaced by a new Ex Com by some members of the National Executive Committee.… Read more ...

Dr. Tom Stevens: The Future Of The Libertarian Political Movement Conference In Manchester, New Hampshire Draws Few Attendees & Offers No Solutions To Revitalize The Libertarian Party

Sent to IPR by Dr. Tom Stevens:

Although I did not attend The Future of the Libertarian Political Movement conference in Manchester, New Hampshire on June 19, 2011, I compiled a few details and have written an article about the conference, which included the first Libertarian Presidential Debate:


In Liberty,

Dr.… Read more ...

Libertarians say Obama’s Afghanistan policy is a failure

From a media release dated Thursday, June 23, 2011, from the Libertarian Party:

WASHINGTON – Libertarian Party Chair Mark Hinkle responded to President Obama’s June 22 speech with the following comments today:

“President Obama’s speech was disappointing, but not surprising. The withdrawals he announced are painfully inadequate. Obama’s withdrawals, even if they are carried out as he described, will still leave about 70,000 American troops in Afghanistan, probably for years to come.… Read more ...