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Mark Whitney Withdraws Campaign for 2020 LP Presidential Nomination, Endorses Gray/Sharpe

Comedian Mark Whitney withdrew yesterday from the 2020 Libertarian Party presidential race, via Facebook, and endorsed the ticket of Judge Jim Gray for president and Larry Sharpe for vice president.  This comes after Whitney finished in fifth place in a straw poll after Wednesday’s Libertarian presidential debate in Kentucky.

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Libertarian Party of Kentucky Presidential Debate Posted on YouTube

The Libertarian Party of Kentucky held a presidential debate today on YouTube.

Participants include the latest entrant and 2012 vice presidential nominee Judge Jim Gray, 1996 vice presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen, comedian Mark Whitney, antiwar activist Adam Kokesh, and attorney Jacob Hornberger.

Video embedded below:

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LP.org List of Libertarian Party Presidential Candidates

LP.org, the official website for the Libertarian Party currently lists the following individuals as candidates for the Libertarian Party’s 2020 presidential nomination.  The party’s criteria for inclusion is for the candidate to have an FEC 2 filing, sustained membership in the national party, Libertarian registration in their home state, legal qualification to be president, a functional website or Facebook page, professional quality photos, a minute long video with audio of the candidate, a dedicated campaign manager, and campaign literature with the word ‘Libertarian’ included.… Read more ...