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California Alternative Parties: poll, debate, school mock elections

Ballot Access News:

Field Poll Shows California Gubernatorial “Other” Candidates at 5%

On October 28, the Field Poll released a gubernatorial poll for California. The poll did not mention all 6 candidates on the ballot. It merely asked respondents if they favor the Democratic nominee, the Republican nominee, or a minor party nominee.

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Polling Shows Little Support for Minor Party Nominees in CA

The Public Policy Institute of California will be co-sponsoring a future gubernatorial debate, and has a stated policy of only inviting candidates who demonstrate at least 10% support in a neutral poll to such an event. In order to provide for this, earlier this month the group polled the gubernatorial and senate races and included all nominees on the ballot.… Read more ...

California Voter Guide Carries Arguments About Prop 14 and Candidate Statements

The California Voter Guide has been made available online in anticipation of the June 8th primaries. The guide includes, amongst many other things, statements from third party candidates and arguments concerning Proposition 14, the Top Two Primary.

Marsha Feinland, a Senatorial candidate for the Peace and Freedom Party nomination, placed this statement in the voter guide:

Withdraw all troops from Iraq and Afghanistan now.

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Peace And Freedom Party: ‘Protest Boxer/Obama & raise money too, May 25 in San Francisco’

Posted at http://peaceandfreedom.org/:

On Tuesday, May 25, President Obama is coming to the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco for a Barbara Boxer fundraiser. Marsha Feinland, Peace and Freedom candidate for U.S. Senate, will hold a $1 per person juice and cheese fundraiser in front. Obama is set to arrive at 4:30.… Read more ...

Tom Condit, 33-Year Veteran Activist of Peace & Freedom Party, Dies

Ballot Access News reported this story, and linked to the announcement at the Peace & Freedom Party blog:

Tom Condit, presente!

I have very sad news to convey. Tom Condit has been very ill recently, and he went back in the hospital a few days ago. His life ended at 1 am this morning, 9 January 2009.

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