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Vermont Progressive Party Disappointed With Governor Peter Shumlin

From Vermont Public Radio:

Fri 6/14/13 Noon & 7PM The Vermont Progressive Party is disappointed with Governor Shumlin. They don’t appreciate his stance against reforming the state’s income tax system, and they didn’t love his budget this year.  Progressive Party Chair Martha Abbott and House Caucus leader Chris Pearson join Bob Kinzel to discuss whether they will continue to support Governor Shumlin and where the Progressive Party goes from here.

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Vermont Progressive Party Chairwoman Files to Run In Gubernatorial Primary

Richard Winger has news of the Progressive Party of Vermont’s Gubernatorial primary in 2012. The Chairwoman of the party has filed to run in the primary and is seen as the most likely victor.

Martha Abbott, chair of the Vermont Progressive Party, will appear on the Progressive Party primary ballot in August as a candidate for Governor.

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Progressive Party of Vermont Organizing Slate of Candidates for 2012

The Progressive Party of Vermont is arguably one of the most successful state-level third parties in the United States, having elected multiple State Senators, State Representatives, etc. Now, the Progressive Party of Vermont is organizing its slate of candidates, especially statewide candidates, for 2012.

On the topic of Progressives, party Chairwoman Martha Abbott of Underhill said she’ll be a candidate for governor, Marjorie Powers of Montpelier is running for lieutenant governor and the party will support Doug Hoffer for auditor.

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Pragmatism And Strategy The Mantra For Vermont Progressive Party

Vermont Public Radio has an excellent radio interview on the continued role of the Progressive Party in Vermont Politics. From the accompanying article:

One third of the Progressive Party’s legislative candidates are also running as Democrats this year. And Martha Abbott, the Party’s gubernatorial candidate, has dropped out of the race to help the Democrats.

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Vermont Progressive Party Chair withdraws from Governor’s Race

Posted at http://www.progressiveparty.org/:

Martha Abbott, the Progressive Party nominee for Governor, has declined the nomination, explaining that Progressives have decided not to run in the Governor’s race this year.

Dubie is a pale copy of Jim Douglas, likely to continue 95% of the Douglas policies with 95% of the Douglas advisors.… Read more ...

Progressive Party of Vermont Runs Gubernatorial Candidate Who Promises To Drop Out

Martha Abbott, the chairwoman of the Progressive Party of Vermont, is both running for the office of Governor and planning to drop out. The Burlington Free Press has the story.

Martha Abbott is chair­woman of the Vermont Pro­gressive Party and also its gubernatorial candidate — but she plans to hold the second title only until the Aug.

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Burlington Free Press Editorializes on the Progressive Party’s Statewide Slate

An editorial in the Burlington Free Press was published a week ago analyzing how the Progressive Party’s entry into the statewide races in 2010 changes the dynamic.

Progressive Martha Abbott’s decision to run for governor alters the terrain for the major party candidates already in the race just as they gear up for a summer of serious campaigning.

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Debating a Progressive gubernatorial run in Vermont

Martha Abbott, the chair of the Vermont Progressive Party, addresses considerations in running a candidate for governor in a recent blog post.  Read the full thing here.

What will it take to keep a Progressive out of the race for Governor in 2010? That is a question that I am often asked.

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