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Daily Paul: Buzuma Vote May Determine Outcome of Governor’s Race in Michigan


Posted September 13, 2014 in Daily Paul

LANSING, MI – According to a recent poll of conducted by Public Policy Polling, the percentage of likely voters casting their ballots for Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Mary Buzuma exceeds the difference between the votes to be cast for Democrat Mark Schauer and Republican Rick Snyder.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Michigan 2013 Convention Report

From the Libertarian Party of Michigan website:

2013 Convention Report
Liberty Moving Forward—Splendid Event
by Mary Buzuma

Assembly in Grand Rapids at the Hilton Grand Rapids Airport on Saturday June 15, 2013. Scott Haggerstrom, Director of Americans for Prosperity Michigan addressed us on “Michigan Right to Work.” Changes to the LPM Platform and Bylaws were made.… Read more ...