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Early Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Considerations for 2012

IPR has been contacted by a number of top Constitution Party activists and leaders over the last couple of weeks who claim to have inside knowledge of the presidential aspirations of several would-be candidates, amongst them several former members of Congress.

Former Congressmen Tom Tancredo and Virgil Goode are considered to be the frontrunners for the nomination if they want it.… Read more ...

Constitution Party 2010 Election Highlights

by Gary Odom
National Field Director
at constitutionparty.com

2010 Election
Brings Victories and Near Misses; Highlights
Progress And Reveals Challenges As The
Constitution Party Looks To The Future
Congratulations To Nevada…Again! 
In 2006, the Independent American Party, the Constitution Party’s state affiliate in Nevada elected two of its candidates to office.  This year it doubled up and elected four:three who were elected for the first time and one who who re-elected.
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Constitution Party and Pacific Green Party in Oregon Hold Conventions, Progressive Party Tries to Make Ballot

Jeff Mapes, over at The Oregonian’s political blog, made a comprehensive  post concerning the latest third party events in Oregon. This includes news of the Constitution Party and Pacific Green Party’s convention, the Progressive Party’s efforts to get on the ballot, and the Independent Party’s endorsements.

1. The Constitution Party of Oregon will hold a convention June 26 and expects to pick a candidate for governor. 

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Mary Starrett Now Only Three Votes Behind

We have previously reported on Mary Starrett’s run for a seat on the Yamhill County Commission. Starrett is the former Communications Director of the national Constitution Party. In the on-going counting of that race, Mary Starrett has gained 10 votes and is now only 3 votes behind her competitor, Mary Stern.… Read more ...

Prognosticators Suggest Constitution Party of Oregon Will Have Effect On Statewide Elections

In Oregon’s governor’s race there Constitution Party in 2006 scored around 50,000 votes, or 3.6%, with Mary Starrett at the helm. In the US Senate race in 2008, the Constitution Party candidate–Dave Brownlow–racked up over 92,000 votes for a total of 5.24%. This track record has lead some prognosticators to suggest that the Constitution Party of Oregon will have a major effect on the outcome of November’s statewide elections.… Read more ...

Mary Starrett Faces Impossible Math For A Win, Hopes For A Recount and Runoff

Mary Starrett is the former Communications Director of the national Constitution Party, as well as the gubernatorial candidate of the Oregon Constitution Party in 2006–a race in which she netted over 50,000 votes, or 3.6%. She is running for a seat on the Yamhill County Commission a non-partisan position. The election for this seat took place on May 18th, 2010, but the results were so close that a recount was suspected.… Read more ...

Mary Starrett Headed for Recount, Losing by 13 Votes

The former Communication Director of the Constitution Party, Mary Starrett, has been running for Yamhill County Commissioner in Yamhill County, Oregon. Her race took place on Tuesday, May 18th. Early results indicate that out of over 20,000 votes, Mary Starrett is behind by a mere 13 votes. There will be a recount.… Read more ...

Local Paper Profiles Mary Starrett

Mary Starrett is the former Communications Director of the Constitution Party who is now running for Yamhill County Commissioner in Oregon against a two-term incumbent. The Yamhill Valley News Register has published an interesting profile of both Mary Starrett and her campaign.

A former TV newscaster and TV and radio talk show host, Starrett launched into the talking points she’s been using in her campaign to unseat two-term incumbent Mary Stern.

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Mary Starrett: ‘Keep America Safe – Get Naked’

by Mary Starrett
Constitution Party Communications Director
Posted at http://www.constitutionparty.com/news.php?aid=1181

Want to keep America safe? Get naked. Do your patriotic duty; after all, if you’re not hiding anything what’s the big deal?

I recently read that the largest nudist group in the U.S. and Canada, the American Association for Nude Recreation fully endorsed the use of full body scanners at airports.Read more ...

Constitution Party’s Mary Starrett running for Yamhill, Oregon County Commission

Via email to contact.ipr@gmail.com:


Starrett’s return

by Randy Stapilus

“One of the more naturally skillful minor party candidates the Northwest has seen in the last few cycles is Mary Starrett, who ran for governor in 2006 as nominee of the Constitution Party, which takes a conservative view. She was crisp, articulate and highly mediagenic – fitting, since she had years of professional work in Portland broadcasting.… Read more ...

Constitution Party: ‘HR-2749: The Food Safety Act – The Pale Horse’


by Mary Starrett
Constitution Party Communications Director

It comes as no surprise that efforts are underway by the federal government to curtail our access to food. It’s not the first time those in power have used regulatory powers to limit rights to this basic necessity. The devastating effects of government control over food can be seen in Zimbabwe and all over Africa, in Southeast Asia and in Russia.… Read more ...

Constitution Party: Tax day is over; now what?


by Mary Starrett
Constitution Party Communications Director
Posted at http://www.constitutionparty.com/news.php?aid=930
Reposted to IPR by Paulie

April 15th protests throughout the country showed us that furious Americans can and did mobilize against government tyranny.

Now what?

For many at Tea Parties throughout the U.S. that marked the end of their activism.… Read more ...