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IPR blogtalk 1/24/10: Paulie, Andy Jacobs and Brian Bittner discuss harassment of petitioners and Andy’s arrest

Yesterday evening, Andy Jacobs and I (Paulie) discussed harassment of ballot access petitioners, including Andy’s arrest outside a public library while petitioning to get the Green and Libertarian Parties back on the Maryland ballot. For the first hour of the show we were joined by Maryland Green Party Co-Chair Brian Bittner.… Read more ...

RESCHEDULED: IPR Blogtalk today (Monday): Brian Bittner, Andy Jacobs on Maryland ballot access petitioning and arrest

UPDATE: I screwed up last week and scheduled the show for 15 minutes, and Andy also was not on the call. This time I have made sure that we will have long enough for the show. It will be on today (Monday) at 8 PM Eastern time, and I will also try to make sure everyone is on this time.Read more ...

Maryland Greens and Libertarians hand in signatures; petitioners harassed, one arrested at public library

[Posted by Paulie]

The Maryland Green Party submitted 14,842 signatures and the Maryland Libertarian Party submitted 13,787 signatures towards a requirement of 10,000 valid signatures. The deadline for submitting additional signatures has been extended to March 7:

The Maryland petition deadline for a party that wishes to obtain, or regain, its qualified status is not until August 2012.

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Maryland Green Party seeks volunteers for ballot access drive

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

Robb Tufts of the Maryland Green Party recently posted this on Green Party Watch:

The Maryland Green Party has NOT lost its ballot line YET. We are still in the process of petitioning. We need to collect 10,000 valid signatures. We usually have a 70-80% validation rate and we are currently at 8,500 sigs.

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Maryland: 23 Candidates from 5 Parties Seek to Unseat Sitting Senator

From City Biz List by way of TPID:

Despite the odds, there are 23 people running for Maryland’s U.S. Senate seat this fall, including candidates from the Constitution Party, the Green Party and the Libertarian Party, as well as Republicans and Democrats.… Read more ...

Maryland Greens update: Convention, petition drive

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Petition Drive is in Full Swing!

The Maryland Green Party has launched its 2010 ballot access petition drive. To stay ballot-qualified, the party must collect 10,000 signatures from registered voters by the end of the year. Baltimore Greens have stepped up to the challenge and have been collecting signatures for several weeks.… Read more ...