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Posts tagged as “Marylou Cabral”

Mexican American Political Association Endorses Four California Statewide Peace & Freedom Party Nominees

Ballot Access News:

The Mexican American Political Association is a 50-year old California political organization. It is non-partisan but it endorses candidates in California elections. This year it has endorsed the Peace & Freedom Party nominees for four of the eight statewide partisan races.… Read more ...

PSL candidates address L.A. County Board of Supervisors

This past Tuesday, Party for Socialism and Liberation County Supervisor candidates Marylou Cabral and Stephen Hinze addressed the sitting Board of Supervisors during the public comment portion of their weekly meeting, challenging their opponents on the L.A. Unified School District’s $560 million budget deficit, the LAPD’s reputation of racial profiling and brutality (51% of the county budget goes to the LAPD, by the way), and the recent ICE raids against undocumented immigrants in Southern California.… Read more ...

PSL to hold conference on police killings, ’68 French strike

The Party for Socialism and Liberation will be holding a conference this Friday, May 30th, in Los Angeles. Topics range from a national campaign update, to the May 1968 general strike in France, to the recent death of Roketi Su’e, a mentally disabled Long Beach resident:

Su’e, a terminally ill and disabled man, was executed by Long Beach cops last week.

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