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Georgia Greens Demand Real Reductions in Incarceration’s Costs

Via Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch:

Greens Demand Real Reductions in Incarceration Costs
Reject Deal Reforms which Fail to Challenge Racist Impact

After last week praising Governor Deal’s expressed concern for the wasted lives, drained treasury and depleted workforce left in the wake of the nation’s war on drugs, Georgia Green Party leaders today rejected Deal’s specific proposals.… Read more ...

A community coalition, which includes the Green Party of Georgia, meets with GA corrections officials

Bruce Dixon is a member of the Green Party of Georgia State Committee. The article, excerpted below, appears on the website of Black Agenda Report where Dixon is a managing editor, and was republished on 12/24/2010 at San Francisco Bay View, a national black newspaper:

Community Coalition Meets With GA Corrections Officials, Visits First Prison.Read more ...