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A Clamor in the Commonwealth; Massachusetts Libertarians Look to the Future in Springfield

Assembling in the Aria Ballroom of the new MGM Springfield earlier this month, the Massachusetts chapter of the “Party of Principle” coalesced around the call for liberty in the era of the Trump Administration. Over four dozen activists, joined by such prominent figures as Paul Jacobs, Carla Gericke, former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, and Reason editor-at-large Matt Welch, convened to discuss the direction of the party in one of the most partisan and deeply divided political environments in recent history.… Read more ...

Massachusetts Libertarians Schedule National Political Event in New Hampshire

Email from George Phillies:

Massachusetts Libertarians have organized a national political event ‘The Future of the Libertarian Political Movement’. The event will be held Sunday, June 19 at the Highlander Inn in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Keynote speaker Judge John Buttrick of Arizona will speak at lunch. Libertarian Presidential candidates will debate.… Read more ...

Massachusetts: 2012 statewide Federal Libertarian candidates will run on the “Liberty” line

Gold America Group:

The Libertarian Party of Massachusetts has restored ballot access for Massachusetts Libertarians. Ballot access was lost in 2008 when LP U.S. Senate candidate Bob Underwood outdid himself and received 3.1% of the vote, making “Libertarian” a political (major) party, and under Massachusetts’ arcane ballot access laws making it nearly impossible for Libertarian Party candidates to get on the ballot.… Read more ...

Gold Mass Group: ‘Massachusetts Libertarians Advance’

By AuMass at Gold Mass Group:

CD-3 Patrick Barron got 4% in a 3-way
CD-5 State Committee member Bob Clark got 1% in a four way. He faced among others a classic tea party opponent who advocated war with Mexico – ‘send the army to occupy Northern Mexico’.

State Representative races
State Committee member Jon Loya got 29% in a two way
State Committee member Bob Underwood got 20% in a two way

GREAT NEWS!… Read more ...

George Phillies: Situation on Massachusetts Libertarian ballot access

Posted at Liberty For All by George Phillies, candidate for LNC chair:

Recently — hey, I’m a candidate, did you expect my opponents to say nice things about me? — a number of bizarre rumors have arisen about Massachusetts Libertarian ballot access. Please note that I am one member of the state committee, our chair is David Blau, and our state committee has uniformly been unanimous on these questions.

Read more ...

George Phillies: ‘What my friends and I did for Massachusetts Libertarians’

Posted by LNC chair candidate George Phillies at http://www.libertyforall.net/?p=3881:

How LAMA has changed since the 2006 State Convention – and all for the better.

In 2006, the Libertarian Association of Massachusetts was in sufficient straits that its regular yearly convention, which should have been called for April, did not occur. The State Committee had not met for three-quarters of a year.… Read more ...