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Matt Reichel, Green activist and former candidate, reflects on his time in Chicago and the rise of ‘googoos’

Read the whole piece at Dissident Voice:

The only candidate resembling a progressive, City Clerk Miguel Del Valle, limped home with 9% of the vote: a sad reminder that populism is entirely dead in Chicago. He did inspire a fairly impressive ground game, but these don’t amount to votes in the era of the “googoo,” because these foul creatures demand that you have the endorsement of the daily rag for their approval.

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Third party results from yesterday’s primaries in Illinois

Primaries were held across Illinois yesterday, and even though they were non-partisan, the Green and Libertarian Parties each endorsed several candidates (see this previous post).  The results for each of them are below.  They were obtained, in part, here and here.

Green Party

  • Alberto Bocanegra, even after raising tens of thousands of dollars and an impressive list of endorsements, received only 6.6 percent (321 votes) in the race for Chicago’s 12th ward alderman.  
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Third party candidates in tomorrow’s Illinois primaries

The following is from the Illinois Green Party, and might shed a bit of light on what kind of elections are taking place in Illinois on the 22nd (below is information from other third parties on the non-partisan primaries):

On Tuesday, Feb. 22, Municipal primaries will be held in several towns across Illinois, including a few locations where Green Party recognized candidates are running.… Read more ...

Matt Reichel, Green Chicago Aldermanic candidate, claims to ‘expose opponents’ lack of fiscal policy’

Sent to contact.ipr@gmail.com by the Reichel campaign:

In a statement released Saturday by 47th ward aldermanic candidate Matt Reichel,
Reichel takes aim at all three of his opponents for their lack of a sound fiscal

Reichel said:

“In an election for municipal office at a time that the city has developed an
over $600 million deficit, one would assume that any realistic candidate for
alderman would address the need to create new revenue streams.… Read more ...

Green Matt Reichel Calls for Progressive Unity; Tom O’Donnell Dodges Debate

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com and posted at On The Wilder Side:

Matt Reichel

Matt Reichel

The Center Square Journal is reporting that 47th ward aldermanic candidate, Tom O’Donnell, has elected not to attend next Tuesday’s debate at the Dank Haus in Lincoln Square.

As to why O’Donnell may have decided to not come, fellow candidate Matt Reichel responded:

Ask Carol Moseley Braun.

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Matt Reichel Claims Victory in Chicago’s 47th Ward Forum

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com and posted by Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch:

Reichel claims debate victory; Admonishes Mainstream Press for Failing the Public

This Wednesday, the four contenders for the now-vacant 47th ward aldermanic seat met in a packed gymnasium at Coonley Elementary School, and discussed a number of issues ranging from TIF’s to environmental policy.… Read more ...

Green Party candidate Matt Reichel has pronounced himself the favorite for Chicago Ward 47 alderman

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

After the announcement of incumbent alderman Gene Schulter’s departure from the 47th ward aldermanic election, Green Party candidate Matt Reichel has pronounced himself the favorite:

“I am the only remaining candidate who has been actively campaigning and organizing in this ward for nearly two years, as part of my congressional campaign.… Read more ...

Chicago Green Matt Reichel Announces Bid for Alderman

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com and posted at TPID:

Matt Reichel, two-time Green Party nominee for Congress in Illinois’s 5th District, has announced to supporters that he will try to unseat 9-term alderman Gene Schulter in the upcoming municipal elections.

Reichel won about 1,000 votes in the 47th ward part of the 5th district in last week’s election, and believes he can make up the difference needed to beat Schulter.… Read more ...

Green congressional candidate Matt Reichel calls voting machine error a ‘breakthrough’ for the Greens

Matt Reichel is running for Congress in Chicago.  He sent the following out to supporters:

It was a breakthrough day for the Illinois Green Party yesterday: all starting with revelations that Gubernatorial candidate, Rich Whitney, was showing up on electronic early voting machines as “Rich Whitey” throughout the city. That’s right: a city that is 35% African-American was shown “Rich Whitey” as their Green party choice for Governor.… Read more ...

Green candidate for governor, Congress in Illinois ‘to hold joint fundraiser’

Sent to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

Chicago, IL-The Matt Reichel for Congress campaign announced last week
that it will team up with Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney
for a joint fundraiser Wednesday July 28th at the Celtic Crown. The event,
which starts at 7pm, will feature speeches by Green candidates and other
progressive leaders in the community.
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Illinois Green Party candidates for governor, US Senate, Congress, state legislature and more to march in gay pride parade

From WhitneyForGov.org:

Chicago, IL—Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney will be part of a large contingent of Illinois Green Party members who will march in the Gay Pride Parade in Chicago. Exhibiting their commitment to equal rights for all, Whitney will be joined by LeAlan Jones (candidate for US Senate), Matt Reichel (Congress), Tom Tresser (Candidate for Cook County Board President), and Jeremy Karpen and Bob Mueller (candidates for State Representative) and several other Green Party candidates.… Read more ...

Sun-Times Media takes a look at congressional primary winners, including Green Matt Reichel

In a piece in the Sun-Times Media group of newspapers, the winners of the primary in Illinois’ fifth congressional district were all looked at on the night they won their respective primaries.  On February 2nd, there was a statewide Democratic, Republican, and Green primary.  What is noteworthy about this piece is that they give equal attention to the Green, Matt Reichel, as they do the Republican and the incumbent Democrat.… Read more ...