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Matt Reichel, Green activist and former candidate, reflects on his time in Chicago and the rise of ‘googoos’

Read the whole piece at Dissident Voice:

The only candidate resembling a progressive, City Clerk Miguel Del Valle, limped home with 9% of the vote: a sad reminder that populism is entirely dead in Chicago. He did inspire a fairly impressive ground game, but these don’t amount to votes in the era of the “googoo,” because these foul creatures demand that you have the endorsement of the daily rag for their approval.

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Matt Reichel, Green Chicago Aldermanic candidate, claims to ‘expose opponents’ lack of fiscal policy’

Sent to by the Reichel campaign:

In a statement released Saturday by 47th ward aldermanic candidate Matt Reichel,
Reichel takes aim at all three of his opponents for their lack of a sound fiscal

Reichel said:

“In an election for municipal office at a time that the city has developed an
over $600 million deficit, one would assume that any realistic candidate for
alderman would address the need to create new revenue streams.… Read more ...