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Sun-Times Media focuses on Reichel

Green Party candidate for Congress in Illinois Matt Reichel – who has won his primary since this article was written – was featured in an article by the Sun-Times Media recently.

Like most Greens the onetime antiwar activist and campaigner for Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich’s 2008 presidential run would like to wean the country off of its Middle Eastern-oil addiction in favor of more mass transit and alternative energy sources like wind and solar power, and has no use for the U.S.

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Results from Tuesday’s Green Party primary in Illinois

This past Tuesday, there were statewide and local primaries across Illinois.  Since the Green Party is an established party in Illinois, they had primaries for various seats.  On a statewide level all of their primaries were uncontested, with only one person running, but various congressional races and other races had two or more people running. … Read more ...

Green Party commentary on President Obama’s State of the Union speech

As posted by Ian Wilder at onthewilderside.com, taken from a Green Party press release:

Green Party: Obama, in State of the Union speech, must reverse his failed policies on health, war, climate change, economy, jobs

Green Party candidates and leaders called on President Obama to announce a reversal in his administration’s current actions and policies when he delivers his 2010 State of the Union address on Wednesday, January 27.

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Early voting starts in Illinois primaries (list of contested primaries included)

Today early voting started in Illinois’ various primary elections.  Aside from the Democrats and Republicans, the Green Party is ballot qualified and will be having primaries for various seats.  This includes congressional candidate Matt Reichel, who got about seven percent of the vote as the party’s nominee in a special congressional election in 2009, and is currently running in a primary for the same seat against Andrew Williams and Terrence A.… Read more ...

Illinois Greens holding ‘holiday party’

In an email to supporters, Green Party congressional candidate Matt Reichel talked about a “holiday party” that gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney, Cook County Board Presidential candidate Tom Tresser, and he would attend.  Details are below.

Just a reminder that our Green Party Holiday Party will take place this Tuesday, Dec 15th.

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Congressional candidate Matt Reichel responds to President Obama’s plans for Afghanistan

In an email to supports, Green candidate for Congress in Illinois Matt Reichel writes:

President Obama just blew the smoke of war propaganda in America’s face: a public that wanted change has to stomach an increase in the violence of our immoral occupation of Afghanistan. 30,000 more troops are headed that way, bringing our total commitment to this war to over 100,000.… Read more ...

Matt Reichel, Green Party candidate for Congress, ‘moneybomb’ on Sept. 30

The following reminder of a long-planned moneybomb – an idea popularized by Ron Paul supporters in which supporters all donate on one day – was sent to supporters of the Matt Reichel campaign for Congress:

Dear Supporter

Just three days to go to the big Reichel Money Bomb and joint fundraiser/Campaign Launch with Green Party superstar, Rich Whitney!

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Illinois Greens Rich Whitney and Matt Reichel Join Forces for Fundraiser

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

Green Party gubernatorial candidate, Rich Whitney, will team up with the Green candidate for congress in Illinois’s 5th congressional district, Matt Reichel, for a fundraiser the evening of Wednesday, September 30th.

This event will conclude Reichel’s Money Bomb, wherein he has been asking supporters to pledge to donate online on the final day of the third accounting period.… Read more ...

Ralph Nader voices support for national ballot initiatives

Evan Ravitz, an advocate for direct democracy, recently posted a video of Ralph Nader endorsing the idea of national ballot initiatives in the United States.  He does not explicitly say that he supports former Senator Mike Gravel’s National Initiative for Democracy plan, but he does say that he supports a “binding national referendum.”… Read more ...