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California Libertarian Party Member Boomer Shannon Launches Write-in Campaign


California will have its primary on June 7th. There are several races where only the incumbent is on the ballot. This has inspired a write-in campaign from a long-time Libertarian activist, known to most of us as Matthew “Boomer” Shannon.

He’ll be running in the 49th Assembly district, against incumbent Edward Lau (Democrat).… Read more ...

C. Michael Pickens: Northern Vice-Chair Report (CA Libertarian Party)

Posted to C. Michael Pickens’ Blog

Posted to IPR by request of Mr. Pickens

Northern Vice-Chair Report 6/18/11 06/21/2011

Video of my report given at the 6/18/11 ExComm Meeting in Ventura

View the video here

Summary of the LPCA Executive Committee Meeting 6-18-11 06/20/2011

This past weekend I was in Ventura attending the executive committee meeting, put on by the Ventura County Libertarian party.… Read more ...