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Posts tagged as “Matthew Hess”

LP Governor Candidate Matthew Hess: If I wanted Colorado to succeed

Matthew Hess is a Libertarian candidate for governor of Colorado in 2014. The following was posted on his campaign website on July 2, 2013:

If I wanted Colorado to succeed…

To lead, not follow; to prosper, not suffer; to dream, not despair;

I would open up Colorado’s supply of cheap, abundant energy.… Read more ...

Several Libertarian Party Activists Interviewed On Radio Show

Recently, the CL Gammon Program interviewed several Libertarian Party leaders as well as one candidate. The radio show is hosted on Blog Talk Radio.

June 29, 2013 interview with Jim Tomasik, chair of the Libertarian Party of Tennessee. He discussed the Libertarian approach to issues in Tennessee as well as current efforts to build the party in the Volunteer State.… Read more ...

Johnson Campaign Announces Latest Endorsements


The Gary Johnson/Jim Gary 2012 Campaign Endorses Colorado and Washington Marijuana Initiatives, announces weekly conference calls with, and printed materials distribution to endorsed candidates; announces endorsements of 17 additional Libertarian Candidates.

12 July 2012 – Salt Lake City – Gary Johnson 2012 Campaign Headquarters

 www.garyjohnson2012.comRead more ...