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Posts tagged as “Max Rieske”

Is Todd Palin Running for President? CA-AIP Submits Names for Presidential Primary

The American Independent Party of California, the largest single-state third party in the nation by registration has submitted to the California Secretary of State a list of candidates for its presidential preference primary, which is non-binding. Amongst the names is the husband of former Republican nominee for Vice President in 2008, Sarah Palin.… Read more ...

Rieske: CP ‘going nowhere slowly’

Max Rieske was interview by Miller Politics recently,

“I was extremely disappointed with my experience with and at the national Constitution Party convention in KS City; For one thing, Chuck Baldwin & Howard Phillips choice for Vice President was a lackluster lawyer who never ran for political office before and has absolutely no desire to build the parties base up or have the party ever win any office.”

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