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Indy Star: Greenfield Libertarian Phil Miller says he’ll battle spread of regional government as Mayor

Indy Star (H/T LP Blog):

Phil Miller is looking to get back into government.

The Libertarian spent four years on the Greenfield City Council and ran for the Hancock County Council, and now he is looking for a bigger role — mayor of Greenfield.

Miller, 56, served as the state’s only elected Libertarian — and a self-proclaimed watchdog on fellow City Council members — during his term from 2000-04.… Read more ...

Fuzzy Math in Tony Hall’s Path To San Francisco Mayor

San Francisco is famous for its left-wing politics. So how does a Tony Hall, a moderate/conservative/libertarianish candidate eke out a win in the city’s mayoral contest?

Many races in San Francisco become pitched battles between moderates and progressives, sometimes contributing to a theme of ‘establishment’ versus insurgent. Hall seems to be angling primarily for insurgent status, creating a David versus Goliath situation to rally voters to his cause.… Read more ...

Independent Haley Ahrendt Running for Mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana

From WANE via TPID:

Haley Ahrendt became the first independent candidate to file for the upcoming Fort Wayne mayor’s race. “I am a true independent; I’ve voted both republican and democrat. I have always voted that way,” said Ahrendt. “I have common sense, and that’s the way I would run my administration.… Read more ...

Independent candidate for mayor of San Francisco announces campaign director

Sent to contact.ipr@gmail.com by the Tony Hall for mayor campaign:

Tony Hall announced that he has hired San Francisco-based consultant James Fisfis to direct his campaign for mayor of San Francisco.

James Fisfis, President of Chariot LLC, has been an advisor to dozens of political campaigns in California, Nevada and overseas since 1999, most recently as a senior advisor, pollster and communications director to former Congressman Tom Campbell’s statewide campaign efforts.  … Read more ...

Libertarian Travis Irvine: ‘American Mayor’ movie trailer

Libertarian Travis Irvine has come out with a movie about his run for Mayor of Bexley, Ohio in 2007. Irvine is a professional videographer. His youtube channel for his 2010 Congressional run: IrvineForCongress.

Trailer for the movie, titled American Mayor (H/T Steven Linnabary in IPR comments):


Previous articles on Travis Irvine at IPR

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LP blog: Voters Fail to Remove Omaha Mayor From Office

Randy Eshelman at LP blog:

Mayor Jim Suttle Narrowly Survives Recall

OMAHA, NE – January 26, 2011-Libertarian Party of Nebraska Communications Director Randy Eshelman issued the following statement:

“Yesterday, Omaha voters exercised their right to fire, or not to fire in this case, their elected CEO. Jim Suttle remained employed as Mayor after months of petitioning, an administration-led court battle, and still-under-investigation anti-recall group efforts.… Read more ...

Harry Davis, seeking Green nomination for Rochester, NY mayor, explains why he is running and why labor should support him

Harry Davis, one of two announced candidates for the Green nomination in the race for mayor of Rochester, sent the following two statements to contact.ipr@gmail.com.

The first, on why he is running:

Why I am Running

Our City of Rochester has had three mayors in three weeks.

It is now Week Four, so we should be expecting a new mayor any day now.… Read more ...

LP blog: Recall of Mayor “Shuttle”

Randy Eshelman at LP blog:

The recall election of Omaha Mayor Jim “I’ll buy, Forward Omaha will Fly” Suttle happens on Tuesday.

Expect politicians in Lincoln who are friendly to the Suttle administration to push for more restrictions on Nebraskans’ rights to recall political pals in the future. Especially if the recall fails (see LB 187 & LB 224 for examples).… Read more ...

Another candidate seeking Green endorsement in Rochester, NY mayoral race

Frequent candidate and political activist Harry Davis has announced, after an interview with the party, that he is seeking the Green Party endorsement in the race for mayor of Rochester, New York.  A special election is taking place soon and only ballot qualified parties can run candidates.  Local businessman Alex White is also seeking the nomination.… Read more ...

Green Party in Rochester, NY reviewing multiple applications for mayoral candidacy

From the City Newspaper:

The Green Party of Monroe County has received “several” applications from people interested in running for Rochester mayor on the Green Party line, says party co-chair Scott Brant. Citing confidentiality and respect for the applicants, Brant would not give a specific number. He did say that he is “thoroughly impressed” by the quality of the applicants…

With little risk, I think we can assume that two of the applicants are likely former Mayor Bill Johnson and Rochester businessman Alex White.

Read more ...

Mayor Gayle McLaughlin of Richmond, CA will be sworn in on Jan. 11

The following was sent to supporters of Mayor McLaughlin of Richmond, the largest city in the country with a Green mayor, with over 100,000 citizens:

Dear Friends,
The culmination of our hard work is at hand.  Please join us as the new Richmond City Council is sworn-in!

Details below.  All are welcome!

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Green Party representative testifies against ‘Jim Crow’ stop-and-frisk policy before Phila. City Council

From the Green Party of Philadelphia:

A representative of the Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP) testified against the stop-and-frisk policy at Philadelphia City Council hearings on Tuesday, December 14. Stop-and-frisk has been enforced by Mayor Nutter, City Council, and the police for the last three years. Stop-and-frisk involves a police officer running his or her hands along the outer garments to detect any concealed weapons.… Read more ...