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Green Party lauds Pittsburgh City Council Decision to ban fracking in city limits

A press release from the Green Party of Pennsylvania, which supports banning hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking) for natural gas and organized statewide protests against the practice on Earth Day:

Last week, Pittsburgh City Council voted to ban hydrofracturing, or
“fracking” within city limits.  Fracking is a controversial method of
natural gas extraction from the Marcellus Shale formation that uses large
volumes of water and severely pollutes it in the process. … Read more ...

Phila. Bulletin: Third Parties Want Ballot Laws Changed

From the Philadelphia Bulletin:

When threatened with a legal challenge to the signatures on the nominating petitions, third party candidates do not have the necessary funds to fight back, said Bonita Hoke, executive director of the non-partisan League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania.

“It is all too easy for major party candidates, with access to large sums of money, to successfully challenge the nomination petitions of minor party candidates who may lack the resources needed to defend their candidacy and pay the fines if the challenge is successful,” said Ms.

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Mel Packer Dropping out of Senate Race

Mel Packer, the Green Party candidate for US Senate in Pennsylvania, is dropping out of the race today. From the Associated Press via the Times-Leader:

Mel Packer, the Green Party’s nominee for Sen. Arlen Specter’s seat, said Monday he cannot overcome a challenge by Democratic nominee Joe Sestak.

The 65-year-old Packer said he has only about 1,000 votes to spare above the 19,000 he needs to qualify for the ballot.

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After natural gas explosion, Green Party of PA issues anti-drilling statement

Press release:

The Green Party of Pennsylvania calls for an end to
drilling for natural gas and other fossil fuels

After a blowback spewed gas and toxic water in Clearfield, PA, plus serious
incidents including deaths of oil and gas employees in West Virginia and
Texas, nearly 2 months of oil flowing into the Gulf of Mexico and years of
mountain top removal, the Green Party of Pennsylvania says “enough already.”… Read more ...

Republican Peg Luksik and Green Mel Packer participate in PA Senate seat debate

The two candidates for US Senate in Pennsylvania who showed up for a recent debate in Pennsylvania were Green Mel Packer and Republican Peg Luksik.  The latter was formerly a Constitution Party member and garnered over 10 percent of the vote as the party’s nominee for governor of Pennsylvania in 1994. … Read more ...

Green Party of PA nominates federal and state candidates

From Ballot Access News:

The Pennsylvania Green Party held a state nominating convention February 20-21 near Pittsburgh, and nominated a candidate for U.S. Senate, one for U.S. House, and four state house candidates. The party will attempt to place all its nominees on the 2010 ballot.

The U.S. Senate candidate, Mel Packer, needs 19,056 valid signatures, due August 2.

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