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Marc Montoni: ‘Admitting My Error’

Original editorial submitted by Marc Montoni:

I think I’ve made a mistake.  I think I continued to make it for almost two decades.

I used to be that guy who showed up at every LP meeting and invited everyone who was in attendance to make that next step, and to join the LP. … Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Georgia Breaks Own Records With 2010 Election Results

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ATLANTA – The 2010 election did not result in any newly-elected Libertarians, however the Libertarian Party of Georgia is happy with the results. With nearly 1 million votes earned cumulatively by the first full slate of statewide candidates in the party’s history, the most important aspect of Tuesday’s results are the growth in support the Libertarian Party has seen in Georgia.… Read more ...

Ronald Hardy: A Green Party national membership proposal

Posted at Green Party Watch


The Green Party of the United States (GPUS) is in a tough position financially. It is in debt, and struggling to meet its monthly expenses. Below I present a case for implementing a National Membership program for GPUS, attempting to make a case that a National Membership plan for GPUS could rescue it from its financial problems, help in state party and local chapter growth, and bring new voters into the Green Party.

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