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American Third Party Report Interviews White Nationalist Billy Roper


From American Third Party Report

Billy Roper, a White Nationalist and briefly a candidate for the 2012 presidential nomination of the now-defunct Boston Tea Party, took some time to answer questions about his recent activities and his thoughts on 2016 American Freedom Party presidential nominee Bob Whitaker and the Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump.… Read more ...

American Third Party Report Interviews Bob Whitaker, American Freedom Party Presidential Nominee

From American Third Party Report

In an American Third Party Report exclusive, Bob Whitaker, the 2016 presidential nominee of the American Freedom Party, answers questions about his background, political views, and presidential campaign.  Below is the transcript and audio of the interview.

  1. What is your history with electoral politics? Which political candidates have you previously supported or endorsed?
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Merlin Miller: Report on AIPAC, CPAC and US-Israel Summit

Merlin Miller is a political activist and independent filmmaker, known for directing the 2000 film “Jericho.” He was the 2012 presidential nominee of the nationalist American Third Position Party (now American Freedom Party), receiving a total of 2,713 votes. Notably, during the 2012 campaign he met with Iran’s then-President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

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Merlin Miller: America and the Great Racial Divide

The following essay was written by filmmaker Merlin Miller, the American Third Position Party’s 2012 presidential nominee.

America’s demographics are being radically altered – setting the stage for serious civil strife with potential for state succession and national dissolution into small, ethnically distinct nation-states.  This is not happening by accident, but by design. … Read more ...

Merlin Miller in 2016?


The above banner adorns the campaign website of 2012 American Third Position Party (A3P) presidential nominee Merlin Miller, suggesting a future campaign. But Miller says the banner is nothing more than a “party initiative” and not necessarily reflective of his presidential ambitions.

Miller, a filmmaker originally from Iowa, produced such films as the 1998 television movie A Place to Grow and the 2000 Western Jericho.  … Read more ...

Merlin Miller Speaks At Freedompalooza 2013

Merlin Miller was the 2012 presidential candidate of the white nationalist American Freedom Party. A West Point graduate and filmmaker, Miller was on the ballot in three states and received 2,716 votes. He spoke at a festival in Pennsylvania in July called Freedompalooza 2013. The event was organized by Paul Topete of the band Poker Face and included speakers such as former U.S.… Read more ...

Merlin Miller’s Final Plea to Voters

American Third Position (A3P) presidential nominee Merlin Miller wrote the following as final plea to voters ahead of Election Day:

“America has entered a period of critical testing and our actions in the next few years will determine whether we survive as a constitutional republic and world leader.  Many people are starting to recognize the myriad of problems that our corrupted political process and controlled media have enabled on behalf of global elites – and new, truthful answers are being sought. 
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Larry West: Ballot Status and Registered Write-In Status By Presidential Candidate, 2012

From IPR comments, original research by Larry West as to which presidential candidates are on the ballot in which states, and which ones are registered write-in candidates in which states. Larry West is the only source for this information and I have not attempted to verify or correct it, but corrections – preferably with links to sources/evidence – are welcome in the comments.Read more ...

American Third Position Party Nominee Merlin Miller Interviewed by PressTV

This link was sent to me on Facebook.

Press TV: OK, so you are a presidential candidate. What exactly does that mean because we know that we have the Democratic Party, the Republican Party and basically that is it in the United States? So when you say that you are running for the presidential election, do you think you have a chance of winning or tell me exactly what you want to do by running?

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A3P Nominee Merlin Miller Responds to ‘White Supremacist’ Label on Wikipedia Page

Filmmaker Merlin Miller, the presidential nominee of the American Third Position Party (A3P) has responded to the  A3P Wikipedia article, which currently says the party promotes “white supremacy.” Via e-mail, he writes:

My best reaction is LOL.  As you know, the political discourse is controlled by select groups who try to marginalize anyone who challenge their positions.  

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American Third Position Party nominates presidential ticket

The American Third Position Party, which promotes white nationalism, nominated a presidential ticket this past week. Independent film director Merlin Miller was selected as the presidential nominee, and professor Virginia Abernethy was chosen as his running mate.

Miller posted the following statement on the announcement:

America, the greatest nation ever conceived, is now on the precipice and needs her patriots to come to the rescue.

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