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Posts tagged as “Merrick Garland”

Nader Calls on Merrick Garland to Prosecute Trump for ‘Fermenting’ Insurrection

Legendary consumer advocate, author and former presidential candidate Ralph Nader is calling on Attorney General Merrick Garland to prosecute former president Donald Trump for his role in the January 6 riot.

“Today is the one year anniversary of the insurrection against Congress fermented by then-president Donald J.… Read more ...

Robert Milnes: As a Longtime Third Party Activist, I Hesitate to Get the Covid Vaccination Because I Do Not Trust the Government

Robert Milnes, a respected longtime progressive activist, strategist, victim of the surveillance state, potential inspiration for a Simpson’s character, and highly visible candidate for the Libertarian, Green, and Boston Tea parties, recently published the following article on his cutting edge website The PLAS Place:

In 2005 my friend—with a very high I.Q.—got… Read more ...