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US Senate Candidate Michael Cavlan Challenges Fellow Candidate Kurt Bills On Marriage Amendment

The Michael Cavlan for US Senate 2012 campaign has issued a direct challenge to Republican Party endorsed candidate Kurt Bills to make a public statement in opposition to the so called Marriage Amendment.

Michael Cavlan RN states “Kurt Bills has been endorsed by Congressman Ron Paul. I first want to congratulate him and his campaign.… Read more ...

Michael Cavlan, candidate and IPR commenter, gets third party opinion piece published

Published at Southside Pride:

Time for an alternative to business as usual?
by Michael Cavlan

The swing to the far right initiated and pushed by the extreme Republicans and quickly followed by the Democrats is the political reality we face today. For anyone willing to be honest it is the chase for corporate dollars to fund campaigns that drives this rightward trend.… Read more ...

Beyond Independence: The fourth, fifth or sixth parties in Minnesota’s 2010 election

Mary Turck in the Twin Cities Daily Planet (H/T Michael Cavlan):

Farheen Hakeem and Dan Dittman are listed on the ballot as Green Party candidates for governor and lieutenant governor, though they are not listed on the Green Party of Minnesota web page and did not win endorsement in the Green Party’s May convention.… Read more ...

National Association of Muslim Women endorse independent Michael Cavlan for Congress in MN-5

Sent to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

MINNEAPOLIS – The Campaign Committe to Elect Michael Cavlan to Congress 
is proud to announce that the National Association Of Muslim Women Of 
America has endorsed Independent Congressional Candidate Mike Cavlan 
for the US House of Representatives for Minnesota's 5th Congressional 

NAMWA contacted the campaign writing:

"We know that Ellison is your opponent and that he is Muslim and the 
first Muslim elected to Congress.
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Michael Cavlan, running for Congress in Minnesota, endorsed by Ralph Nader

The following is a press release from the Michael Cavlan for Congress campaign.  He is running as an independent in Minnesota’s 5th district.

We are proud to announce the endorsement of Michael Cavlan’s candidacy for the U.S. House of
Representatives representing the 5th Congressional District of Minnesota by Ralph Nader.
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Forum On Building Alternatives To Two Party System at Detroit Social Forum

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com :

June 23rd
Detroit Social Forum
Time and Location TBA

A group of activists have organized a forum and workshop, which
has been accepted by the Social Forum Plenary Committee in Detroit.

The activists who have banded together under the title
Nader Supporters-New Party have organized the forum and workshop
tentatively titled

Building an Alternative To The Two Party System
No Really- We Mean It

Confirmed Speakers include

Kevin Zeese of Voters For Peace
Michael Cavlan RN of Open Progressives of Minnesota
Mark Kamleiter of Nader Supporters-New Party

There will possibly be speakers from the Florida Ecology Party, Oregon
Progressives and California Peace and Freedom Party.… Read more ...

The Open Progressive Party of Minnesota fields its first candidate

The Open Progressive Party of Minnesota is running a city council candidate in Minneapolis – and he just happens to be Michael Cavlan, a frequent commenter at IPR.  According to Cavlan, he is qualified for the ballot and the party is in the first stages of associating with a national organization.… Read more ...

Minneapolis: Intrigue with major party/third party elected officials

The city of Minneapolis will have elections for Mayor in November 2009. One of the candidates will be RT Ryback, the incumbent Mayor, who is a member of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party and an officer in the National Conference of Democratic Mayors. In the last election cycle, Mayor Ryback’s campaign published a piece of literature stating that the Green Party City Council member had endorsed Ryback for that election.… Read more ...

Michael Cavlan: A Minnesota Voice On Senator Al Franken

Mailed by Michael Cavlan to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

Let me tell you how this looks from the progressive, social justice, anti-war and election integrity activists right here, you know, in Minnesota.

Al Franken for Senator is a sad pathetic joke. Big part of the story that has been missed was that there was another candidate who picked up 15% of the votes.… Read more ...

Michael Cavlan to appear on Green Party Watch Radio

The program is scheduled for Wednesday, May 6th from 7PM to 8PM East Coast Time. To listen live, or after the webcast, click here. To participate in the show on Wednesday dial (646) 478-3778. Cavlan says he has plans to bring someone representing the other side of his position onto the show, but will be able to take calls as well.… Read more ...

New political party forming in Minnesota

According to a participant’s account, a new party is being formed this week: the “Open Progressive Party of Minnesota” An e-mail by eye witness and former 2008 Senate candidate (from a different third party) Michael Cavlan describes the new party.

Michael Cavlan writes:

April 28th, 2009 at the OK Corral Restaurant in Jordan, Minnesota a new political party was born.

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