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Michael H. Wilson: A Plan for Libertarians Running for Office

Michael Wilson
Michael H Wilson posted this list in a comment on IPR. It’s excellent information, so here it is as an article.

Mr. Wilson is a long-time Libertarian activist, currently residing in Washington state.

Maybe this will help. It is a to do list I have put together for people who wish to run for office and a comment about the LP.… Read more ...

Michael H. Wilson: Suggestions in Response to LP’s Call to Stop Obamacare

The Libertarian Party supports a free and open market in health care and believes that you should have the right to choose the type of care you want whether it is traditional Asian, Western medical care or another variation.

Repeal the Occupational Licensing Laws. These laws do not protect patients but are there to protect the profession from competition.… Read more ...

Evergreen Libertarian: Let’s put the teachers in charge

Michael H. Wilson at Evergreen Libertarian:

The standoff between the Republicans and the Democrats in Wisconsin over the unions has managed to capture a significant portion of the news and now is spreading to Ohio, Indiana and elsewhere. Teachers are a large portion of the government employees involved. Caught in the middle of all of this are the students whose schools have been closed in some cases and the taxpayers who have to foot the bill.… Read more ...