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Modern Whig Party Chair Michael Lebowitz Joins Kokesh for Congress Team

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com. Adam Kokesh is an antiwar veteran and “Ron Paul Republican” with significant alternative party and independent support. Michael Lebowitz is the chair of the Modern Whig Party.

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Nationally Renowned Attorney Joins Kokesh for Congress Team

WASHINGTON, D.C., SEPTEMBER 14, 2009 – The Kokesh for Congress Campaign announced today that Michael Lebowitz, a highly regarded Washington, D.C.… Read more ...

The Other Paper runs an article on the Modern Whig Party

The Other Paper, an alternative newspaper in Colombus, Ohio, ran an article recently on the newly formed and fast-growing Modern Whig Party. The Other Paper has a circulation of almost 300,000. The article is available here.

The article focused on the astonishing fact that the chairman of the Central Ohio chapter of the party, Kevin Bloomfield, is only a teenager, and a sophomore in high school.… Read more ...