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Gary Johnson At 8% in North Carolina Poll

A new poll from North Carolina-based Democratic pollster Public Policy Polling has Gary Johnson at 8%. From Tom Jensen:

In addition to looking at a straight head to head between Obama and Romney, PPP also tested a three way contest with the two of them and Gary Johnson running as a Libertarian. 

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Michael Munger Appears In “Fight of the Century” Between Hayek and Keynes

Watch the following video:

Hayek and Keynes, Round 2

Does the security guard near the beginning look familiar? If you wait for the end, you will discover that he is Michael Munger, the 2008 Libertarian nominee for Governor of North Carolina. He received 2.87% of the vote in that campaign and ensured the party maintained ballot access for the next cycle, avoiding North Carolina’s infamously expensive petition drive.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party Secretary and Treasurer Election Results

The Secretary race at the Libertarian Party National Convention was between Rob Power of California and Alicia Mattson of Tennessee. Outgoing Secretary Bob Sullentrup endorsed Mattson. The final results were:

Rob Power: 194 (42.27%)
Alicia Mattson: 265 (57.73%)

The Treasurer’s election was conducted after the Secretary’s race, which pitted James Oaksun of Maine against Aaron Starr of California.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party blog: Convention Early Bird extension to 4-12: Boortz moved, Munger added


The Convention Committee has extended the Early Bird pricing until April 12. Part of this is due to confusion and mixed messages over which speakers are scheduled for when. Our speaker lineup continues to evolve and is always subject to change. One recent change is that Neal Boortz has been moved from the Sunday evening banquet dinner speaker position.… Read more ...

Libertarian Mike Munger on the healthcare crisis

h/t Liberty Point

Posted in NewsObserver.com by Michael Munger:

DURHAM — I hear people complain they can’t afford insurance. They need to realize that the real problem is they can’t afford health care.

The U.S. has the world’s most expensive health care, $8,000 per person per year, eating up 16 percent of our GDP.… Read more ...

Michael Munger, 2008 Libertarian candidate for Governor of NC, was recent Rush Limbaugh Show guest

Via facebook:

Mark W. Rutherford sent a message to the members of Atlas!Liberty PAC.

Subject: Michael Munger, 2008 Scholarship Recipient, On Rush Limbaugh’s Show

“2008 Atlas!Liberty campaign training scholarship recipient Michael Munger was a guest on the February 10, 2009 Rush Limbaugh show. He talked about the government bailout program. It was mentioned that he signed CATO’s newspaper advertisement as an economist against the bailout.… Read more ...

Libertarian Michael Munger plans to run again in NC

Via http://www.lpnc.org/

“This is just the first step,” Munger said. “We got the signatures and we satisfied the requirements of the State by playing Simon Says in just the way they wants us to.”

Now he said its time for the Libertarian Party to take the next step and run competitive races for several General Assembly seats and other offices.

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Libertarians will probably retain NC ballot access

Projected by Ballot Access News

For the first time in its history, the North Carolina Libertarian Party seems to have polled enough votes to remain on the ballot. With 41% of the North Carolina vote counted, the Libertarian gubernatorial candidate, Mike Munger, has 2.81% of the vote. Either he, or Bob Barr, needs 2% for the party to remain on the ballot for the next four years.

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North Carolina three party poll

Posted in Ballot Access News

On November 3, SurveyUSA released a North Carolina poll. For Governor, Perdue (Dem.) 48%, McCrory (Rep.) 47%, Munger (Libt.) 4%, undecided 2%.

For U.S. Senate, Hagan (Dem.) 50%, Dole (Rep.) 43%, Cole (Libt.) 5%, undecided 2%.

For president, the only categories are McCain, Obama, and “other”, but Bob Barr is the only “other” choice on the ballot.

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