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Flashback: Wisconsin CP Leader: The Death of the Constitution Party

The Death of the Constitution Party

By Daniel M. Hoyt

State Secretary, Wisconsin Constitution Party

Published in December 2006

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This week’s Opinion Column is just that – my opinion of what happened in Concord, New Hampshire on Friday, December 1, 2006. It is, for the most part, first hand experience since I was there, although some of this will just be my opinion of what I was told on the phone by others.… Read more ...

Steve Stockman Boasts Endorsements From Constitution Party Players

In 1994, Republican Steve Stockman (R-TX) upset longtime incumbent Democrat Jack Brooks in an east Texas congressional seat. While he lost two years later, during that time Stockman forged tight links on the ‘constitutional conservative’ right.

Now Stockman is running for Congress in TX-36. He faces Baytown businessman Steven Takach in a Republican primary runoff on July 31st.… Read more ...

Michael Peroutka To Address Constitution Party of Mississippi Convention

Michael Peroutka is one of a number of speakers who is slated to address the Constitution Party of Mississippi’s 2012 convention, which will be held in Tupelo, Mississippi, on June 1st and 2nd.

Michael Anthony Peroutka speaks Friday evening and is the Keynote speaker on Saturday afternoon.  Explaining the American view of law and government, and the work of Institute on the Constitution, Michael will offer insight into the “un-reality” that is occurring in our government and culture, and will remind his hearers to join with those who want to restore the “re-ality.”

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Article on Michael Peroutka’s Address to the Christian Party

This is from Peroutka’s website:

Holding its first national convention, the Christian Party of America invited Michael Anthony Peroutka, co-founder of Institute on the Constitution, to be a guest speaker. The convention was held on April 20-21, 2012, in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. Michael presented ”Dangerous Make-Believe” on Saturday afternoon, and participated as one of the experts in the Constitutional Dialogue on Saturday evening.

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Judge Roy Moore Wins Republican Nomination for Chief Justice of Alabama

Judge Roy Moore, as he is still known, hasn’t been a judge since 2003 when he was removed from his position by the Alabama Court of the Judiciary. He is nevertheless known throughout the United States as the “10 Commandments Judge”. Moore ran for the Republican nomination for Governor of Alabama in 2006 and lost by a two-to-one margin.… Read more ...

Howard Phillips Retires

According to HowardPhillips.com, Howard Phillips retired on January 11 as chairman of the Conservative Caucus, which he founded in 1974.

Howard Phillips, founder of The Conservative Caucus (TCC) and its Chairman since 1974, has resigned, saying that recent health problems required that he “direct my energies on my health, my family life, my spiritual priorities, and my writings.”

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Michael Peroutka Funds Roy Moore’s Run for Office

Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has, for several years now, been linked with the Constitution Party. Every presidential election cycle he is rumored to be flirting with the Constitution Party and he has maintained links with certain high profile members and former members of the Constitution Party for years. Now he has thrown his hat into the ring for Chief Justice, running for his old job as a Republican.… Read more ...

Write-ins counted in Conneticut

Write-in votes have been reported in Conneticut:

Baldwin 287
McKinney 53
Calero 40
Moore 18

Baldwin got more than 2.5x the other register write-ins and about 18.6% of what Michael Peroutka got in 2004 as a ballot listed candidate. McKinney recieved only .55% of the votes ballot-listed David Cobb recieved in 2004.… Read more ...

Vermont Green Party loses ballot access case

Ballot Access News


On October 20, a lower state court ruled that the Vermont Secretary of State was following the law when she disallowed the Green Party’s status as a qualified minor party, back in January 2008. The consequence is that Cynthia McKinney will not be on the ballot, and voters who wish to vote her will need to cast a write-in vote.

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Independent American Party endorses Chuck Baldwin

In a statement from its chairman, the US Independent American Party announces it’s Nominating Convention has selected Chuck Baldwin as its choice for President:

On September 13, 2008 the Independent American Party in Presidential Nominating Convention chose as its candidates Chuck Baldwin as President and Darrell Castle as Vice President. Baldwin and Castle had earlier been chosen as the nominees of the Constitution Party.

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Chuck Baldwin interviewed by Josh Israel

Chuck Baldwin, the presidential candidate of the Constitution Party, was interviewed by Josh Israel of the Center for Public Integrity on May 20th, 2008. The interview transcript has just been posted over at “The Buying of the President 2008“, which is a project of the Center for Public Integrity.… Read more ...