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Libertarian Party of Washington State Offers Its Own “Liberty Lion” Coins

The 1776 Libertarian Lions–

The most intimidating aspect of being Executive Director for the Libertarian Party of Washington is not having to meet with state legislators, it’s not testifying in Olympia or in front of city councils, and it’s not giving public talks about what it means to be a Libertarian…

The most intimidating aspect is asking people to donate and/or become a member of the LPWA.… Read more ...

Update from the Libertarian Party of Washington Convention

We had our LPWA Convention on Saturday April 20th in Bellingham near the Canadian border.
We had 118 attendees sign in and of those 12 new members join the party that day. This is almost 3 times the attendance as last year. As the newly appointed Executive Director (Feb 1st) our focus has been outreach.
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C Michael Pickens: A Tiny Shred of Sanity in California’s Insane War on Drugs

Posted in Nor-Cal
April 27, 2012

Government has no business telling citizens what they can and cannot put into their own bodies. Part of liberty is being able to decide what to consume and what to leave alone. Mentally competent adults should have authority over their own bodies and to give government the ability to make those decisions for the People is wrong and is a massive intrusion on privacy and civil liberties.… Read more ...

Pickens Welcomes Johnson to the LP

[From the Recruit Gary Johnson – LP Presidential Nominee Facebook Page]


Thursday, December 1st, 2011
Sacramento California –

For Immediate Release:

… From the Desk of C. Michael Pickens,
Libertarian Party of California, NVC

I would love to endorse Gary Johnson for President.
Once he leaves the GOP and re-registers Libertarian, I will!… Read more ...