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LP Blog: Pilot suing TSA gave libertarian-sounding speech at EPIC conference

Posted by Wes Benedict at LP blog:

Michael Roberts, the airline pilot who helped raise public awareness of the full-body scanner program, gave a very libertarian-sounding speech at a recent conference. The text of Mr. Robert’s speech follows.

Michael RobertsOn January 6, I participated in a panel at a conference hosted by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) in Washington, DC entitled, The Stripping of Freedom: A Careful Scan of TSA Security Procedures.Read more ...

Bob Barr: ‘Michael Roberts, Express Jet Pilot, For President in 2012’

Bob Barr in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

For the past year, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and its parent, the Department of Homeland Security, along with Members of Congress from both parties and the Obama Administration, have been demanding Americans give up our basic civil liberties and our fundamental right to privacy, by submitting to a full-body scan — amounting to a virtual strip search – simply because we need to fly on a commercial airliner.… Read more ...