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Posts tagged as “Mike Fellows”

Much larger than usual number of Libertarians for U.S. House receive over 5% of the vote

From the Libertarian Party blog analysis of the elections:

Currently we have 15 Libertarians for U.S. House who received over 5% of the vote. (That only counts races where a Republican and a Democrat both appeared on the ballot.) That’s a big increase from past years.… Read more ...

Libertarian Participates in 3-way Congressional Debate in Montana

The first debate held in the race for Montana’s congressional seat was a three way event, including the Libertarian Party candidate, Mike Fellows.

Several times, Rehberg said Democrats in Congress have been unwilling to consider Republican initiatives.

Rehberg called for an “all of the above” energy plan that increased domestic production of fossil fuels while also promoting conservation and alternative energy.

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