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“New Paradigm of Human Governance” – 2008 LP POTUS candidate Senator Gravel to Speak at Contact in the Desert Conference

Former United States Senator and unsuccessful 2008 candidate for both the Democratic Party and Libertarian Party Presidential nominations, Mike Gravel is scheduled to present a two-hour lecture on Sunday, 21 May 2017, titled “A NEW PARADIGM OF HUMAN GOVERNANCE” at this year’s Contact In the Desert conference near Joshua Tree California.  … Read more ...

Before Sanders was “first,” 3 out of 4 pro-legalization major-party candidates were Libertarian Party crossovers

Gary Johnson (left) and Mike Gravel (Image: Cannabis Sativa Inc.)

A brief exchange between myself and Jacob Sullum about something he posted at Reason, led him to write this piece at Forbes, about the history of presidential candidates who endorsed marijuana legalization before Bernie Sanders became widely touted as the “first.”

Examining only their major-party campaigns, Sullum names two candidates who were unambiguously advocates of both state and federal marijuana legalization: Mike Gravel and Gary Johnson, and two who in his estimation came close: Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich.… Read more ...

Mike Gravel Interviewed About The Citizen Hearing On Disclosure

Former Senator and Libertarian Presidential candidate Mike Gravel makes headlines as he joined The Citizen Hearing On Disclosure, held between April 29 to May 3 at the National Press Club.

“Something is monitoring the planet, and they are monitoring it very cautiously, because we are a very warlike planet,” said Mike Gravel, a former Democratic senator from Alaska who ran in both the Democratic and Libertarian presidential primaries in 2008.

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Mike Gravel: ‘My political rupture with AIPAC’

Read the full piece at CounterPunch:

My political rupture with AIPAC occurred over a vote for military aid to Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel. This legislative package of aid was put together by the White House primarily to shore up support for Sadat in the Middle East. AIPAC opposed the package and hoped to muster enough congressional opposition to pressure the White House to stop the military aid package to Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

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Pat LaMarche’s weekly columns now published on Elexn.com

Skyler McKinley, a staff member of Mike Gravel’s presidential campaign, has alerted me to the fact that he will now be publishing former Green Party vice presidential candidate Pat LaMarche’s weekly columns on the website Elexn.com.  An excerpt from the first is below:

The minute I saw the magnitude of the Japanese quake last week — 8.9 — I was struck motionless in my seat. 

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Jesse Johnson, Green for US Senate in WV, ‘endorsed by legendary mavericks’

From the Jesse Johnson for Senate campaign:

CHARLESTON, WV: Mountain Party candidate Jesse Johnson, who is running to fill Robert C. Byrd’s vacant U.S. Senate seat, has won endorsements from historical heavyweights Senator Mike Gravel (D-AK) and Congressman Ken Hechler (D-WV). In West Virginia, the Mountain Party is the affiliate of the Green Party of the United States.… Read more ...

A few of Mike Gravel’s recent videos at Barely Political

Mike Gravel came in fourth in delegate votes for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination in 2008, behind Bob Barr, Mary Ruwart and Wayne Root. Before that, he ran in Democratic Party primaries for President that same year, and served as a Democratic US Senator from Alaska from 1969 to 1981. Accoring to wikipedia,

As Senator, Gravel became nationally known for his forceful but unsuccessful attempts to end the draft during the Vietnam War and for having put the Pentagon Papers into the public record in 1971 despite risk to himself.

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Mike Gravel on Obama, Petraeus, and 2012

Posted at the Huffington Post and the Hill’s Congress Blog:

General David Petraeus, through his own self promotion and a meager field of viable candidates, has been touted by certain Republican interests as a potential candidate for president in 2012. President Obama may feel he scotched that possibly by demoting Petraeus to commander of the Afghan War.

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Mike Gravel: Both US major parties are corrupt, so let’s try direct democracy

From Press TV:

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Mike Gravel to have cameo role in a play

This interesting news comes from a press release, via TBD.com:

This is not George Clooney’s big screen production, but Alexandria’s truly bi-partisan Port City Playhouse’s stage production of Farragut North by Beau Willimon Directed by former Fairfax County RNC Chair Eddie Page.Set in the days leading up to a Democratic caucus battle in Iowa, Farragut North centers on Stephen Bellamy, a smart young press secretary for a presidential candidate, whose internal conflict between ambition and loyalty has serious consequences.

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Gravel Interviewed About Hamas’ Role in the Middle East

Mike Gravel, who recently did a tour of South Korea to promote his National Initiative idea, was interviewed by Iran’s PressTV. The interview concerns Russia’s President Medvedev and his statements regarding Hamas’ involvement in Middle Eastern diplomatic talks.

Press TV: Russia as we just mentioned, says it wants Hamas to play a role in these Middle East peace efforts, do you agree with that?

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Mike Gravel talks about Palin, his new TV show, pot and more on The Young Turks

On April 30, Mike Gravel – who was a contender for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination in 2008 – took part in an interview on the online news show The Young Turks.  Much of the interview focused on a television show Gravel is working to produce called “I Like Mike.”  According to Gravel, it will be a satire with the premise that he has been elected president and the direct democracy which he advocates for has been implemented.… Read more ...