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Libertarian National Committee races

National Chair: Bill Redpath, incumbent, not seeking reelection, although he may run for a different position on the LNC.

Known candidates: Wayne Root
Mark Hinkle (1, 2)

George Phillies (1, 2)
Ernest Hancock: I’ve not found an article, but I saw an email response from him on a yahoo group (can’t remember exactly where or when) that “of course” he would run for LNC chair in 2010.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party Transparency Caucus debate

Members of the Libertarian Party Transparency Caucus are debating the controversy between chair Bill Redpath and Political Director Sean Haugh.

West Virginia LP chair Matt Harris writes,

I think we need to issue a release in support of Bill Redpath. A big part of Haugh’s assault was that Redpath chose to deal with the Keaton matter openly and in public.

Read more ...

LNC election results

Bill Redpath was re-elected chairman after two rounds of balloting. He led the first round with 183 votes vs. 113 for Ruth Bennett and 70 for Ernie Hancock. Most predicted Hancock supporters would rally behind Ms. Bennett, but that was not the case. Redpath won the second round 204-147.

The race for vice-chair included a surprise entrant, Mike Jingozian.… Read more ...

Gravel, Jingozian planned collaboration for months

Sources inside both the Gravel and Jingozian campaigns have confirmed that Mike Jingozian intended to endorse Mike Gravel at the LP convention as much as two months ago. This news infuriated the Ruwart campaign, which had given Jingozian tokens to help him participate in the debate, and the nominating speeches.… Read more ...

Barr wins Libertarian presidential nomination on 6th ballot

Bob Barr will be the 2008 Libertarian presidential nominee. Ballot-Access News has reported full vote totals for each round of voting, with the final decisive vote being:

Bob Barr: 324
Mary Ruwart: 276
NOTA: 26

The order of elimination was:

1st Round: Jingozian eliminated (endorsing Gravel), Smith eliminated (opposing Barr)
2nd Round: Kubby eliminated (endorsing Ruwart)
3rd Round: Phillies eliminated (no endorsement)
4th Round: Gravel eliminated (according to a comment on BAN, endorsing Barr over Ruwart if Root eliminated
5th Round: Root eliminated (endorsing Barr, going for VP)
6th Round: Barr wins nomination

The VP selection process is currently ongoing.… Read more ...

Ruwart led field with debate tokens

Unofficial numbers and rankings:

  1. Mary Ruwart (94)
  2. Wayne Allyn Root (93)
  3. Bob Barr (92)
  4. Mike Gravel
  5. George Phillies
  6. Steve Kubby
  7. Mike Jingozian

Earlier, IPR reported that six candidates will participate in tonight’s debate. The word on the floor is that there will be seven. Mike Jingozian reportedly also got enough tokens.… Read more ...