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Wyoming Third Parties Show Growth, Discord

Third party candidates often do well in areas where one major party is substantially weaker than its rival. One can list numerous examples of this phenomenom: Minneapolis,  San Francisco, parts of Massachusetts, rural Nevada, and Rhode Island among others. Other areas, like Democratic Hawaii, have not yet reached this point. However, Wyoming may be the newest member of this club.… Read more ...

Wyoming Independent Gubernatorial Candidate Fails to Qualify

Ballot Access News:

Taylor Haynes, who would have been the first independent candidate on the ballot for Wyoming Governor since 1958 if he had qualified this year, did not qualify. He was unable to obtain the needed 4,988 valid signatures. This is the second petition failure in Wyoming this year.… Read more ...

Billings Gazette: Libertarian candidate for Governor of Wyoming is sorry for racist remarks

Posted in the Billings Gazette:

CHEYENNE — Casper businessman Mike Wheeler is set to become the Libertarian nominee for governor at the state party’s convention today in Lander.

But as Wheeler prepares to accept the nomination, he’s also writing a formal apology to Latinos for comments he made at a gubernatorial candidate forum last week in Cheyenne.… Read more ...