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Reason Interview: Is Islam Compatible With Libertarianism?

Dean Ahmad

Revealed Libertarianism

Minaret of Freedom tries to square the Quran with the free market. A Reason interview

Published on Reason.com.

By Tim Cavanaugh

The idea that devout Muslim faith, strict adherence to shari’ah, and even Islamist politics can be compatible with libertarian ideas would have been a tough sell even before the September 11 attacks.Read more ...

PSL: Swiss voters approve racist minaret ban

Posted at PSLweb.org:

By: Tamara Khoury

Anti-immigrant reaction gathers strength in Europe

Campaign posters all over Berne, Switzerland depicted a woman wearing a burqa standing next to a Swiss flag covered with missiles. The posters were pushing a
referendum on a proposed ban on the construction of new minarets. Minarets are architectural features of Islamic mosques, and the proposed ban is a thinly veiled, racist attack against the rights of Muslims living in Switzerland.… Read more ...