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Posts tagged as “Minuteman Project”

Alberto Bocanegra, Jr., Green for Chicago’s 12th Ward alderman, has apparently raised over $50,000 in his campaign

Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch:

Alberto Bocanegra, Jr., Chair of the Cook County Greens, has apparently raised over $50,000 in his campaign for the 12th Ward Alderman in Chicago against incumbent George Cardenas and 3 other challengers. Cardenas has raised over $135,000 according to the Chicago Sun-Times.… Read more ...

Jim Gilchrist Accused of Selling Endorsements

Jim Gilchrist is the founder of the Minuteman Project and a committed anti-illegal immigration activist. He first made headlines when his Minuteman Project group decided to patrol the Mexican border for illegal immigrants. Over the years Gilchrist’s endorsement has become an important way to signal to conservative activists that a candidate is serious about stopping illegal immigration.… Read more ...

McCain’s immigration double-talk benefits Chuck Baldwin

Over at ABC’s news blog, Political Punch, Jake Trapper has a story which briefly outlines John McCain’s various positions on immigration. Most interesting to you readers is the key figure in the article and what she says at the end.

Rosanna Pulido, a Latina who heads the Illinois Minuteman Project, told the AP.

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